How to Gain More Readers (Blogging Communities)- Networking 101

If you are a new blogger you must be wondering, why is it you are writing great posts and you are not gaining readers. It is simple. At this point your blog is a needle in that hay stack. I say this because I, along with many others were once in your shoes.  Even if you are not a new blogger, you will find that over time the number of readers who generally come to your blog might fluctuate. With all of this in mind, we will be looking at using blogging communities for networking.

 Blogging Communities

Blogging communiites are websites that creates a virtual community where bloggers can interact with each other. The beautiful thing about these sites boasts a wide variety of bloggers. Therefore, these are great places to gain exposure for your blog and gain meet follow bloggers.

Here are a  few blogging communities that you can join:

What Next?

I have learnt that blogging is not for the timid. If you are an introvert like me , you will quickly learn that often  the direct approach is best. This means you will have to market yourself. When you join these communities please ensure that your profile reflects you and your blog. Also, remember that you should be true to yourself. I would recommend that you be yourself: good, bad or indifferent.

Here are Some Tips:

  • Join the popular groups (This goes without saying)
  • Post regularly in these groups
  • Get to the point when posting information
  • Always leave a blog link when posting
  • Make friends and create a mailing list
  • Be courteous and genuine to fellow bloggers
  • If someone follows your blog, follow then back
  • Sign up for the community newsletter
  • Finally, HAVE FUN!!!!!

If you have any additional tips you will like to share, please let me know by leaving a comment.


  1. You did well with all this, and great post!
    SheWrites is my all time fave.... probably where I found you, if I remember right!

  2. thanks for sharing great post admin thanks for sharing...


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