Sunday, July 31, 2011

Sweet Jamaica- Holiday Celebrations

I know you must be tired of hearing this but i love my island home with all its faults, flaws and warts. The first week of August is filled with Emancipation and Independence celebrations.  Every we celebrate the emancipation day, the day the slaves were freed in Jamaica and Independence Day, the day Jamaica ceased being a colony of Britain. I think these celebrations are important; with the advent of globalization it is so easy for cultures to be lost or discarded. My daughter will be five (5) on August 25, exactly one month after my birthday, and currently her world seems to be very Americanized (no offence intended to my American readers). My fear is that she will be an American child living in Jamaica. Therefore, I love this time of the year, nationalism seems to be the order of the day. Therefore, she will be able to experience first hand the various celebrations and acquire an appreciation for them.

So, I know i will be off to Negril on the 6th and i take lots of lovely pictures to share. I am hoping to go to Port Royal as well and i promise to take you along if i do. Hopefully you will be seeing lots of pics in the up coming weeks.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Happy Birthday Me!!!!!!

Yes, I am one of those person's who is totally ecstatic about birthdays. Well, today is my big day and i am SUPER excited. To add icing to my cake, the day started with showers of blessings (rain). So, today will be cool and cozy,  a far contrast to the blazing hot days we have been having.

This sounds so cliche' but I am feeling so blessed right now. This does not mean that my life is prefect. But guess what,  i have plenty to be thankful for. So, today i am feeling extremely thankful. I think the reason why i love birthdays so much is because it reminds me to be thankful. It is easy to be swallowed by the sea of negativity that comes with everyday life. But on this day i am reminded that, i have past another milstone (looking out my window and it's raining again (^_^) ) and hopefully i am a little wiser that before.

This is my birthday song. I hope it speaks to you like how it spoke to me.

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Tiny RANT!!!!!!! + Shakespearean Tragedy

I woke up today and found that the world is a little more tragic than it was the last week or the day before. I heard about Norway and the extent of the attack and then i heard about Amy. Immediately, i felt a sense of doom and gloom.


I just cannot wrap my head around the idea that a human being will think it is politically correct to turn and open fire on children. What is wrong with these people?! The tragic thing about what has happened in Norway is that this phenomenon is localized in one area of the global. It is now becoming an all too common trend.
Now looking at Amy,  she died as a result of a fatal flaw-addiction. I swear the whole thing reminds me of a Shakespearean tragedy. One thing i have learnt about admiration of celebrities, love the talent/work not the persona.

I guess at the end of the day we are all humans and as such we all have our vices and flaws. That is the essence of humanity. The trick is some of  us are able to better disguise or overcome these vices. Apparently Amy was not in that category. However, that should not take away from the fact that she was talented.

Monday, July 18, 2011

Out and About Mondays- New Kingston Hotel

I recently took my daughter to one of the hotels in New Kingston, Jamaica as a form of sightseeing. Since the age of 2,  she loves to go there to see the fishes (they have huge fishes). By now you must have guess that i love bodies of water. So, it is one of my favourite things to do. Every time i go to this hotel, i feel at peace because of there water features.  I hope you enjoy.

Can you believe this was man made?

See what i mean, huge fishes

I thought this was a lovely touch.

CUTE idea!!!!!

This is another waterfalls.

'Lionesses on the Rise', I had to capture that phrase.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

The Report- The Challenge Tag

First of all, what was i thinking???!!!! I guess I wasn't. I now think the day i thought about this challenge was the day i went a little insane. One thing i know for sure is that i have a new found respect for naturalist. I don't know how they do it. Overall, I had FUN.


See what i mean, it's a lot of hair
So lets start the report. I started my day by preparing breakfast and i started tidying the house (nothing strange).I then went on to combing my daughter's hair. She has a full head of hair that is often daunting to comb. Therefore,  I often ask the neighbour to comb it. But i decided to take on the challenge since it was a day for challenges. It was fun because we made a game out of stringing the beads.

The beads are out for the summer


I started to tackle some of the books on my summer reading list.I read a lot for work, so i often do not read for pleasure. These just some of the books on my book stand next to my bed.

LEFT: Beauty (must look fabulous), Wine of Astonishment (Post-colonial Literature) and Overcoming Fatigue (must know how to deal with the stress)

Yes, the glasses is tested.

After five i started to polish my nails. It is a work in progress. I am always the person who pays to get the hair and nails done. Just because it is more convenient for me. But, i am trying to be fugal (smile). I think at this point it is a little more than being fugal; i realize that i am loving the process of doing beauty treatments for myself by myself.


Now the hours rolled away and i made it to 12 midnight without using the computer.

My Laptops.

However, being the nocturnal creature that i am, i had to watch my t.v. shows. So,  i guilty turned on Big Berta  at about 12: 10 am.  It was a hard decision to make (not really). I thought i could do it but it turns out that my life, as it is right now, is intertwined with technology. However, i have now come to realized that i need some balance. From this experience, i find that i am not so quick to turn on my small laptop as i get up. I find that i have changed my computer use pattern somewhat. Now, i am powering up in the evening to night.

I hope you too try the challenge.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Positive Wednesday- MOTIVATION

I saw this video and it spoke to my heart and so i wanted to share it with you. I hope you find it helpful.

P.S. You will be getting a report on the outcome of 'The Challenge Tag' later today.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I told you it was hard- The Challenge Tag

So my lovelies you know from my last post that i decided to spend a full 24 hours without turning on the computer.

Well, here i am and the 24 hours is not up yet. It was hard but I started off great. Then, my mom asked me for a document she had asked me to type from last week. I had told her it was done but truth be told i had not even started.  So, i quickly turned on the computer to type away. Then,  i had to  email it. The rest is history. Here i am.

So, i will try again tomorrow.  It's on!!!!!!!!  

Monday, July 11, 2011

I DARE You to Try-The Challenge Tag!!!!!!

It is about 12:08 am on Tuesday morning. I have been online since 11am on Wednesday morning. So, by my guess i have been on he computer for 12 plus hours. Can you say addiction. I have said it before that time flies when your on the computer but this is ridiculous. Therefore, i am going to issue myself a challenge.

Now this is 'The Challenge', i will spend a full 24 hours without turning on my computer. That means no peeping to see what is going on with blogger, YouTube or my movies. I am going to make this challenge more interesting (after all it would not be a challenge if it was easy) by adding that i can only watch 4 hours of television during this 24 hour period. To add to this, i must document the period. It can be in the form of pictures, videos or a journal.

I would love if you all could try this challenge and let me know what happened. Therefore, I am tagging all my friends, followers/readers and fellow bloggers. Once you have tried and blogged about it. Then, please leave your link in the comments. Hint! Hint! There just might be a surprise.

P.S. Look at this as a way to step away from the computer and explore the world around you (this is also a note to myself. I must admit i am dreading tomorrow. How will i cope?).

N.B- No Computer for a full 24 hours.
         Within this period  there can only be 4 hours of television viewing time.
         There should also be some kind of documentation of the period.

Friday, July 8, 2011


Happy TGIF My lovelies!!!!! 

As of yesterday i have been on summer holiday and i was so excited that i wanted to blog. However, i crashed out and find myself sleeping. I woke up this morning and didn't know what to do with myself; so once again i slept.  I will most definitely be working on that. I hope you have a fabulous Friday.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

When a Door Closes a Window Opens- Positive Wednesdays

Recently, i was extremely disapointed, pissed and even hurt that i did not get a position that i wanted. Of course, to the outside world i was find with the outcome of the situation. However, deep down i was mourning the loss of something i thought i really needed and wanted. Needless to say, a window was being opened at the same time that door was closing. However, at that time i did not see the opportunties that were staring me in the face because i was so busy hanging on to what i thought was my loss.

My question is: how many times have we allowed opportunities to pass us by because we are distracted by that proverbial closed door?  If you are guilty raise your hands. My hands would be up with yours but i am too busy typing. LOL!!! But, seriously i was taught growing up that we don't necessarily get what we want but actually what we need. Most importantly, we often get what is BEST for us. 

So my lovelies, my charge for you today is: stop looking at that closed door and start looking for the open window.

     “Life's up and downs provide windows of opportunity to determine your values and goals - Think of using all obstacles as stepping stones to build the life you want”
- Marsha Sinetar

P.S. Please share how many open windows you have found.

Monday, July 4, 2011


Beyonce' has said that 4 is a special number for her and today it is also a special number for millions of Americans. I just wanted to say happy 4th. I hope today is all you wanted it to be.

Sunday, July 3, 2011


Today i was so busy preparing course outlines and targets that i totally forgot that i wanted to write a blog post. Is it only me or does the time fly by when you are on the computer. It often feels like when i blink five hours as already past by.

I wanted to share  something my doctor keeps reminding me of every time i visit. Her favourite advice is for me to take more 'Me Time'. Being a single parent, i am often plague by the idea that i need to show two times the attention to my daughter. In doing so, it often takes a toll on my body and mind which is not good for me or my daughter.  Here are some tips that help me.

Mind set: realize everyone needs some downtime:
Sometimes it's hard not to be a 'super person' who is constantly on the move. Instead, we all need to take a break. Everyone needs a break now and then and it's important to recognize when you are feeling stressed, tired, or anxious. Taking time for one's self daily will help lessen the possibility of burnout, stress, and anxiety.


Not every chore or errand must be handled by you. Spouses, teenagers, older children, and even friends or neighbors can handle some of the daily activities around the house. For example, your spouse may agree to clean up the kitchen after you have made supper. Children may agree to help clean the bathroom or their own bedrooms each week. Teenagers may help by looking after younger siblings or if they have their driver's license may be willing to pick up dry cleaning or run to the store. We must keep in mind, of course, that people are not mind readers. They must be asked politely to help out around the house.

Find an activity you enjoy:

You must find an activity you enjoy, so you might want to join a hobby group or organization. Most of all you should be doing an activity (crafts, baking, gardening, physical activity, etc.) that you enjoy. If you do not enjoy it, will it really seem like a break or a reward for all your hard work?

Use as a reward:

After a hard day at work or doing housework, use 'Me Time' as a reward or relaxation. You deserve a nice break, so make some time for you every day. Set up a system that gives you, for so many hours worked or so many chores accomplished, an appropriate much-liked activity.

Use `found' time:

If you ever find yourself waiting in line at the grocery store, killing time waiting for a load of laundry to finish, waiting on hold on the phone, or sitting at a doctor's office waiting for your appointment, that is all 'Found time.' An extra five or ten minutes, instead of using for another errand or chore, can be for allowing yourself a few minutes to rest and relax. You might want to try reading a book or magazine, knitting, or solving a crossword puzzle.

Multi-task your 'Me Time':

Multi-task your 'Me Time' by allowing yourself time to rest while supper is in the oven or slow-cooker cooking or while clothes are in the washer or dryer. Another way you can multitask your time is by allowing yourself some time in the kitchen baking (if it is your passion or hobby) while baking cookies for your son or daughter's bake sale.

Find a partner or someone to make you accountable:

If you are finding it difficult to make 'Me Time' a habit or part of your routine, designate a partner or a best friend who can make you accountable. 'Me Time' must become a part of your daily life or routine. Remember to make it a habit (which takes 21 days, so give it time).

Resource site:

Friday, July 1, 2011

My Ten Toe Turbo!!!!!

First, i would like to tell my friends, readers, followers and fellow bloggers THANK YOU for your kind comments. Most of the things i post are things that i can relate to and i am happy that these posts are beneficial to you. I feel blessed that i am able to add another ray of sunshine to your days, evenings, or nights. 

On another note, i at to depend on my ten toe turbo to transport me this afternoon from work because my mom had the car.  I was looking forward to enjoying the journey home with my bags and pans. So, I opted to take a coaster (public bus) from point A to point B.  Well, i got in and there was barely enough standing room to rest my feet and all the Jamaican summer hits could be heard blaring on the radio.  Watch this video and you will understand (NB this video is 20 something years old, so there has been numerous changes).

When i got to point B i was in awe of my surroundings. The street was swarming with people buzzing around like bees. Both sides of the road was draped with vendors selling their wares on tarpaulin. You name it, you could find it. Music flooded in the air, mixed with the voices of the higglers shouting to gain the customer's attention. I hopped and skipped until  eventually i flowed into my favourite guilty pleasure place.

Confession time, I did it again. I stopped at Sweet Tings Bakery, normally i would not be there because i do not drive that way to get home. But, my journey home was not a typical journey.Hence my predicament. At first, i rationalized why i needed to walk through the door by thinking i needed something for my sweetie baby.Then after purchasing a cupcake (claiming that it was for her); i also rationalized why i needed to buy a bread pudding.  

However, to make up for my lack of self restraint, i started a dance work out at home in an effort to 'danced it off' my guilty conscience. I thought, after twenty minutes of dancing up a storm and the journey on my ten toe turbo i  deserve a slice of bread pudding and ........
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