I DARE You to Try-The Challenge Tag!!!!!!

It is about 12:08 am on Tuesday morning. I have been online since 11am on Wednesday morning. So, by my guess i have been on he computer for 12 plus hours. Can you say addiction. I have said it before that time flies when your on the computer but this is ridiculous. Therefore, i am going to issue myself a challenge.

Now this is 'The Challenge', i will spend a full 24 hours without turning on my computer. That means no peeping to see what is going on with blogger, YouTube or my movies. I am going to make this challenge more interesting (after all it would not be a challenge if it was easy) by adding that i can only watch 4 hours of television during this 24 hour period. To add to this, i must document the period. It can be in the form of pictures, videos or a journal.

I would love if you all could try this challenge and let me know what happened. Therefore, I am tagging all my friends, followers/readers and fellow bloggers. Once you have tried and blogged about it. Then, please leave your link in the comments. Hint! Hint! There just might be a surprise.

P.S. Look at this as a way to step away from the computer and explore the world around you (this is also a note to myself. I must admit i am dreading tomorrow. How will i cope?).

N.B- No Computer for a full 24 hours.
         Within this period  there can only be 4 hours of television viewing time.
         There should also be some kind of documentation of the period.


  1. Good luck, you are a stonger women than me!



  2. I can't live without looking at my blog. But I will tell you this: I am soon to fly to Indonesia. A very long flight. Does it count a a break?

  3. Do you have kids and a husband? If so, how do you manage to fit in time with them? I write and promote my books on the internet, and run a manuscript critique service as well. However my husband and I have a deal. I quit every night at 8pm and we spend the evening together. Making time together every day has seen us happily married for almost 40 years. Our kids are grown,so I don't have to factor them into each of my days. But my grand kids need Nana time, and I am happy to see they get it often.

    I think it is only too easy to become a techno junkie to the exclusion of all else. Good to see you are taking 24 hours OFF to come up for real-time air, and contact the breathing human beings around you.

    Margot’s Magic Carpet
    Books With a WOW Factor

  4. PS
    I find it very hard to read the yellow text on the white background of your e-mail notices.

    Margot’s Magic Carpet
    Books With a WOW Factor

  5. Just followed your blog! Please follow back! :)

    Nice to meet a fellow blogger!

  6. That's a great challenge. I found your from 20sb. When I was in Europe in June I wasn't on the computer for most of the three weeks. A few days I checked my email to see if my mom or sister sent anything, but that was it! Under 5 minutes each time. And I must admit, it was fine. I missed blogging and having a place to process life, but beyond that, it was fine. Makes me want to re-evaluate my normal at home computer usage. I think I need to go out and live life more than be inside on the computer/watching tv. Good luck to you on future no computer days!


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