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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

Writer's Block

Today's post will be one of my shortest posts. I have been trying to think of what I want to write about in my posts and I keep drawing straws.

Don't you just hate when you are experiencing writer's block? I do..... So, i will see you on the other side of Sunday. Hopefully, i will have a worthwhile post to share by then.

Happy Sunday Lion-HEARTS!!!!!  

In the Blink of an Eye........

I have been think how much life can change in an instant. After all, It only takes one minute for your whole world to turn upside down or for your world to just bloom like a sunflower on a beautiful day.

The Honey of our Lives

Honey will enrich and add subtle flavour to dishes such as casseroles, sauces and dressings. Honey can be used as a natural substitute for sugar in most recipes but as it is sweeter than sugar, less is needed. Similarly, as almost one fifth of honey is water, the liquid content of a recipe should be reduced by the same amount.

Honey with meat:-

Honey-cured ham or baked gammon coated with honey and mustard date back from medieval times.
Marinades containing honey and vinegar make meat more tender and succulent.
In a barbecue sauce, golden honey gives a distinct flavour as it caramelises.
Honey gives a delicious crispy coating on roast chicken.
Honey with vegetables:-

Just adding a small amount of honey can do surprising things for everyday vegetables such as honey glazed carrots.
Orange blossom honey is perfect when added to a spicy vegetable stir fry as the sweetness of honey counteracts the spiciness of chillies, peppers, garlic and spices.
Honey in salad dressings:-

Adding honey to salad dres…

DAY 21- Is it the End of the Road?

The 21 day challenge was the catalyst for me to start blogging again. As I have posted before, I had lost my voice. I was a ship on the waters with no direction. I was lost. I did not know it. I did not realize that I was lost until I started the challenge.
The 21 Day Challenge was a spiritual fast. It was not about abstaining from food. It was about abstaining from things that we place too much importance on.  So, for three weeks I have not watched my television. When I started the challenge, I honestly did not know if I would be able to not watch television for three weeks. Anyone who knows me knows that I love to watch my TV.  My television was my source of solace, my best friend so to speak. But, I was able to do without television for three weeks without even being tempted.  I had have not been on Whatsapp or face book (except for work related posts), no reading of the newspaper, no radio, no gossiping, and no negativity. I know it sounds crazy but I did it for three weeks.
In sho…

Finding Your Voice- Day 20

I literally just woke up from a nap. When I went to sleep I had no idea I would write a post today. However, I woke up with this post on my heart. So, here goes. I was at church today and I was flipping through a folder that I had purchased a year ago. I had written random poems in this folder and I found a poem I had written entitled, 'I Think I Lost My Voice along the Way'. In the poem, I reflect on the lost of my voice.
I wrote: “I think I lost my voice along the way/ I allowed the voices of the maddening crowd/ to drown out my honey soaked, love filled/ molasses, sugar sweet/ melodious sounds.”
I had completely forgotten I wrote the poem and to be honest I do not remember writing the poem. However, for a while I felt like I had lost my voice. When I refer to my voice, I am not speaking about the sounds that leave my mouth in the form of speech. I am talking about that power inside that is mixed with the essence of who I am. I am referring to the power that has enabled me to…

Who Says You Are a Victim?- Positive Wednesdays

Who says you are a victim? No seriously, who told you that you are a victim? Yes, I am talking to you. I know that often it might seem like your life is totally falling apart but are you really a victim because of this. Oftentimes, the negative things that are happening in our lives are several learning curves. These are often the lessons we need to learn but we are too pigheaded to acknowledge them. So, does this mean you are a victim? No, you are only a victim when you declare that you are.  Yes, I said it. You are the one who is victimizing your own self. You’re the one who is speaking negativity and hopelessness in your own life.
I am dead tired but this post has been in my heart because this is something that I have been doing without even thinking about it. It is day 17 of my 21 day challenge and it has been a serious learning curve. I was in church on Sunday and right after communion and I was praying, out of nowhere, I was stung by a wasp. I kid you not. Immediately, I started …

Be Worthy

Be Worthy of Imitation

They say imitation is the greatest compliment, but are your actions worthy of imitation? We are all in some setting of leadership. Whether it be as a parent, boss, or friend we should constantly examine the example we are setting for those around us. Are you being a positive role model? Are you treating others in a dignified way? Be a cheerful and diligent worker, parent, and boss to those around you. Children, especially, are like sponges taking in your every action and word--they naturally want to be just like you. So be mindful of your word and deed, you never know who might be watching and silently learning what you are demonstrating. 

You must be careful how you walk and where you go, for there are those following you who will set their feet where yours are set.

- Robert E. Lee, Civil War General

                                                                         from Spark People-Daily Reflection

Baking Soda Secrets

As long as I can remember, my mom had a box of baking soda in our home. However, I have never thought about using baking soda until a friend of mine mentioned how it helped to exfoliate her skin. She kept telling me about her morning skin care routine. Yet, my interest was not piqued until I saw her skin looking absolutely radiant. I was in awe. So, the next day I bought my first box of baking soda. 

Here is a list of ways you can use baking soda:
Scrub You can pour a teaspoon of baking soda unto a damp rag and gently exfoliate your skin. You will find that it leaves your skin nice and smooth. I was amazed at how smooth my skin felt.
Deodorizer You can pour four teaspoons of baking soda in an open container and place it in your fridge. Over time you will realize that your fridge will remain noticeably free of various odours that accompany various foods.
Brighten colours You can add a handful of baking soda to your laundry and it will help to brighten the colour of your clothes.
Toilet clea…

DAY 12- Just Breathe

Days 7-11 have been highly stressful at the end of these six days, I am exhausted and my child is not well. As I type this post I am in the midst of washing, cleaning and everything else so that I can take my child to the doctor as soon as she wakes. 
Through it all, I have learnt that in live there will always be confusion. There will always be that one person in our lives who deliberately choose to create chaos in our lives and there will also be circumstances beyond our control that will help to create.  The important thing to do in these situations is to breathe. Breathing often helps us to focus not on chaos but on what you really need to do. So in short, focus on what is important. 
When you start doing this, you will realize that if you focus on the chaos around you, often miss the bigger picture or the answer to your problem that is staring you in the face. Case in point, I was at work and I needed to print a document ASAP. Out of nowhere, my computer stopped picking up wireless…