Monday, July 18, 2011

Out and About Mondays- New Kingston Hotel

I recently took my daughter to one of the hotels in New Kingston, Jamaica as a form of sightseeing. Since the age of 2,  she loves to go there to see the fishes (they have huge fishes). By now you must have guess that i love bodies of water. So, it is one of my favourite things to do. Every time i go to this hotel, i feel at peace because of there water features.  I hope you enjoy.

Can you believe this was man made?

See what i mean, huge fishes

I thought this was a lovely touch.

CUTE idea!!!!!

This is another waterfalls.

'Lionesses on the Rise', I had to capture that phrase.


  1. ahhh i'd love to switch places with you right now! lol

  2. wow, looks really relaxing. I love being by the water as well.

  3. Great pictures :)

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  4. Looks amazing and so peaceful!

  5. Since it feels like a thousand degrees in nyc rightnow I wish I could just jump into your picture!
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  6. Wow, that is all in a hotel! That's impressive. I'm too cheap to stay at hotels like that, I could go sight-see if any in my area took the time/money to do all that. Which I don't think they do.

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