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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

Out and About Mondays- New Kingston Hotel

I recently took my daughter to one of the hotels in New Kingston, Jamaica as a form of sightseeing. Since the age of 2,  she loves to go there to see the fishes (they have huge fishes). By now you must have guess that i love bodies of water. So, it is one of my favourite things to do. Every time i go to this hotel, i feel at peace because of there water features.  I hope you enjoy.

Can you believe this was man made?

See what i mean, huge fishes

I thought this was a lovely touch.

CUTE idea!!!!!

This is another waterfalls.

'Lionesses on the Rise', I had to capture that phrase.


  1. ahhh i'd love to switch places with you right now! lol


  2. wow, looks really relaxing. I love being by the water as well.

  3. Great pictures :)

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  4. Looks amazing and so peaceful!

  5. Since it feels like a thousand degrees in nyc rightnow I wish I could just jump into your picture!
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  6. Wow, that is all in a hotel! That's impressive. I'm too cheap to stay at hotels like that, I could go sight-see if any in my area took the time/money to do all that. Which I don't think they do.

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