Three Inspiring Activities for Life and Work

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Whether you are a student, employed full time, or a homemaker, we are all in need of a little motivation and inspiration every now and then. So much of our lives are about routine and productivity that it can be easy to slip into the same old boring pattern day in and day out. While this pattern can be the best way to get things done each day, it can also slow us down eventually. We have to find ways to inspire ourselves to do the best job we can and to be as happy as possible each and every day. While this may sound sentimental or silly, it is undoubtedly true. Inspiration and motivation in our lives is found through our senses. We have to see, feel, touch, smell, and hear new things in order to find new inspiration. Use these three activities to add a little excitement, energy, and inspiration to your everyday lives.


Feel something new. Use exercise as a way to spice up your everyday routine. Even if you work nine to five every day or you have family to care for at home throughout the entire day, try to find a slot in your day or week to get some physical exercise in. Exercise can help relax your mind, keep your body healthy, and motivate you for the rest of your daily tasks. Go for a run in a new location each week to experience new things. Just this simple switch up in your regular routine is enough to really encourage some new and creative thinking. Exercise in general is essential to staying healthy (mentally and physically), but it also acts as a wonderful tool for the creative mind. Get your senses buzzing and adrenaline pumping by trying new forms of exercise each day. To stay motivated with my daily to-dos I like to take different exercise classes each week and my local gym. They offer tons of different types of exercise programs and classes that are perfect for experiencing something new.


See something new. Traveling to new and exciting places is a wonderful way to find new and exciting inspiration in your daily life. Even if you are merely traveling to a new destination within your own home town, trying and seeing unfamiliar things is a wonderful way to stay alive and excited about each coming day. Try visiting a local park you haven't been to before, taking a weekend trip to a nearby town you've never seen before, or taking a longer vacation to a completely new and exotic destination. Seeing new things may be exactly the motivation you need to really excel at your work. Traveling is a great option for individuals with creative careers (like blogging). New experiences can inspire creative thought like little else can. Taking small breaks from your usual routine can help keep things fresh day in and day out.

Listen to Music

Hear new things. This may sound silly, but listening to and singing with music can be a great way to inspire and motivate yourself. Try listening to music you've never heard before. Ask your friends to suggest something new or search online for a new band or style you are unfamiliar with. Just relaxing and blasting some music that is new to you or old music that you adore can help you step out of your current stress and monotony.


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  1. I'm not much of an exercise person, not that I'm uncapable. I guess walking, carrying cars seats, picking up and playing with my kid counts though.


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