16 Things I learnt in 2016

One of my favourite YouTuber did a video post entitled '16 things I learnt in 2016'. This video inspired me to write this blog post. Here are  sixteen (16) things I learnt in 2016 that changed my year. Leave a comment below telling me some of the things you learnt in 2016.

1) Be Positive

I have learnt how powerful positive thinking can be. I always thought I was a pretty positive person; however 2016 taught me that I harboured a number of negative thoughts in my mind that held me back from achieving greatness.So, everyday I try my best to project the thoughts that I want to materialise in my life. It is a work in progress but my life has improved as a result of positive thinking.

2) Change is Good

I have said this countless times. I fear change. I like the certainty that comes from familiarity. However, in 2016 I changed jobs, friendships and relationships and now I understand that in order to grow and improve you have to make changes to your overall life.

3)Vision Boards are a Must

If you don't have a vision board what are you doing with your life? I created my vision board on Canva and used it as my computer background and within six months I started ticking off things from vision board. It does work and it makes you actively pursue your dreams and goals.

4) Leave Your Comfort Zone

Sometimes we are happy with just getting by. That has been me for a few years. I was hiding out in my comfort zone and i did not want to leave. Leaving your comfort zone is the walkway to achieving your dreams.

5) Experiences are Better than Stuff

Do you realize that we have got very good at collecting stuff and the more stuff we have the more trapped and depressed we are? However, experiences is what creates memories, facilitate growth and shapes our core selves. So, in 2016 i started going on road trips, exploring my city, taking small excursions and experiencing life.

6) Choose Your Inner Circle Wisely

I have always known this but in 2016 I really realized that the wrong friends and relationships can ruin your life.

7) All that Glitters is NOT Gold

I have learnt that not everyone, everything and every situation that appears to be great and prefect is actually that.

8) Don't Let Others Control YOUR Life

Yes!!!! I said It. This is so important. Often we allow others to control our major decisions, etc. It is key to remember that you have one life to live and you have to live it.

9) Planned Vacations are a Must

This allows you to gain more experiences.

10) Don't Allow Fear to Control Your Life

This quote says it all!!!

Image result for will smith quote about fear

11) Dream Big

Image result for dream big quotes

12) Go Get It

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13) Be Your Authentic Self

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14) Be Kind

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15) Live

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16) Love Life

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