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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

5 Uses for the Baking Soda - D.I.Y Sundays

Ditch the Chemicals! 5 Uses for the Baking Soda Already in Your Pantry

Forget buying expensive green products! Everything offered by the top name brand green household cleaners can be found in one simple non-toxic ingredient that your grandmother has been using for years: household baking soda. 
Most of us have a box of baking soda in our pantry and we might grab it from time to time wondering if it will take out grass stains, but, other than that, the typical box of baking soda usually just sits there, only living up to about an eighth of it's full household potential. 
So, from now on, try out these uses for baking soda that will save you money, preserve the environment and have stand the test of time.

1.  Kitchen and Bathroom Cleaner

To use baking soda for cleaning counter tops, just grab the box and lightly sprinkle it onto the counter. Wet a washrag and rub the baking soda around, scrubbing areas that need more cleaning. For whiter counter tops, rub some lemons along with the baking soda.

2.  Air Freshener

Without the use of any other fragrances or ingredients, baking soda can truly freshen and deodorize some of the smelliest locations. Pour a pile of baking soda into a dish and place it in the area that needs to be deodorized.

3.  Carpet and Fabric Cleaner

You can use baking soda to clean and deodorize you carpet or garment fabrics. If you have pet odor or other unwanted smells coming from your carpet, just sprinkle it over the smelly area. Leave it until the smell goes away and then vacuum. Do the same with clothing and just shake them out when the smell has faded.

4.  Jewelry and Silverware Polisher

Make your own silver cleaner by mixing some baking soda with a little hydrogen peroxide to make a paste. Rub the paste over the metal you would like to shine or clean and wipe with a dry rag.

5. Drain Cleaner

If your drain is moving a bit slowly, wait for the sink to drain and the pour about a cup of baking soda and three cups of boiling water down the drain. You can also try baking soda and vinegar, which will bubble and clean the drain further.


This guest post is contributed by Angelita Williams, who writes on the topics of online courses.  She welcomes your comments at her email Id: angelita.williams7 @gmail.com.


  1. I wash my hair with a baking soda and water solution.. And you can use it as a non-toxic toothpaste too!

    Baking soda is a staple in our house!

  2. I just found your wonderful blog from Clairejustine's blog and I'm your newest follower. I'd be so grateful if you could follow back. Have a great day! xo

    Love Parish

  3. I never knew of using baking soda as a jewelry cleaner. Thank you!

    New follower stopping by from Follow Your Way Blog Hop. Following by GFC and twitter.


  4. Would you believe I don't even have baking soda in my apartment? I'm missing out!


  5. I buy my baking soda in the bulk bins at the store. I'm your newest follower on the blog hop. Erin go Brah!


    I always follow back as well. Thanks for your "follow" and have a great weekend.


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