3 Natural Supplements to Improve Your Immune System

While trying to keep up with the crazy rat race we are all a part of, it's easy to become exhausted and worn out. Between keeping up with work, school, family, friends and anything else you might have on your plate, your body and defenses often get pushed to the limit. If you find yourself feeling like you're running on E and want to ward off any potential illnesses that might take over while your body feels extra weak and sensitive, try incorporating some or all of the items below into your diet however you can—via supplement or good, ole-fashioned eating.
Probably the least-well known of the three suggestions in this article, spirulina is actually a type of algae that is typically blue-green in color. It is rich in vitamins and nutrients such as carotenoids, zinc, beta-carotene and B complex, but can be harmful if taken from an unfamiliar brand.
Research has shown this to increase antibody production, meaning it helps support your immune system. More research is still required to verify all of the specific benefits it boasts, but it's been said to decrease diabetes and allergies. Some have complained about the taste, so it is often recommended to take Spirulina supplements that offer all the goods of the actual plant.
Used by Native Americans for hundreds of years, the wonders of echinacea are far and wide. Easily available in pill form at pharmacies and grocery stores, many people swear by the magic herb. Working WITH our immune system, one thing Echinacea does is increase levels of interferon in our system. This protein is known to ward off viruses that might overtake us.  Very few side effects are associated with the herb, but it is urged to deter from ingestion if you are pregnant, breast-feeding, or have a disorder such as lupus, multiple sclerosis or other immune system disorders.
Present in almost everyone's spice cabinet or kitchen, garlic has been known to stimulate production of white-blood cells, which are constantly busy fighting off infections. It has also been proven that is makes our bodies' antibody production more efficient and powerful, making us better-oiled machines. It’s believed that the sulfur the garlic contains is what holds the secret to its power. It has also been shown to ward off certain types of cancer, although the medical community is not willing to jump completely on board with that belief just yet. It has also been shown to be great for the heart, so really, if you aren't already eating garlic, you should be.
And, for those of you who are less than fond of its extra-potent flavor, many stores sell garlic supplements in easy-to-swallow pills. Whatever it takes and whatever works for you, just get more of this in your diet now—your body will thank you.
So, no matter your age or occupation, the next time you feel a little bug coming on, consider trying one of these options rather than the traditional antibiotics and meds your doctor is likely to prescribe.
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    From your list...garlic is a fave...I use it in all my dishes and other ways. It is very good! So happy to see you are still posting...some did not! Wishing you a fab evening!

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  3. Thank you for sharing this important information. Herbs affect people differently and turmeric should be avoided if it irritates your stomach for sure!

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