Finding a Needle in a Haystack.... The Search for Prince Charming.

We each have that ideal image of 'THE ONE' burnt in our brains. For some of us, it seems we have been wired as a child, probably even from birth, to seek out curtain qualities that when fused together results in our version of Prince Charming. With this ideal image in mind, we grow up searching for our ideal partner, a soul mate so to speak. Than reality hits. Oftentimes, the reality is not that there is no one to meet our unattainable standards. No my friends that is not it. The reality is that there are no hunting grounds, no green pastures, no flowing brooks in which to meet our ideal mate. In lay terms, the single man or woman is faced with the stark reality that in a city or town that is well populated there are no dating opportunities.   

Unwilling to allow our dreams to wither and die; we often find ourselves moving to the virtual community. Here, like a cruel twist, is often populated with potential mates of all sizes, shapes, colours and skills. By just browsing the pictures it seems that all our viable candidates are ready and waiting to take that journey with us to bliss.  However, are they?

Although online dating offers us an answer to a number of social challenges; we need to ask ourselves, is it all real? How do we know that the information we are getting is credible? After all, we have seen countless examples in social media, we have heard many a personal experiences from a friend, colleague or through the grape vine of the misrepresentation of these individuals. The credibility of these individuals is a genuine concern. How do we know that that handsome 20 or 30 something is not in fact a 50 year old trying to get his groove back? Not to mention, the mental warfare that is waged by the person on the other end of the conversation to ensure that you both seem to be compatible. How do you know if he or she really likes 'long walks on the beach'?  In the end, the person might look good on paper but is the paper real? The truth is

With all of this in mind, why bother to try and find that needle in a haystack you might wonder. The simple truth is we all like the idea that there is some one, just for us out there. The idea is so enticing that we are willing to continue searching for Prince Charming. But in our quest, is the Internet really the place to look?



  1. Hi, I am not sure if the net dating sites are the place to go. I am not to that point yet, alone for the first time in nearly a decade, I am loving my aloneness right now!
    Commented under anonymous because my blogger thing is screwed up on my laptop.


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