The Journey Continues!!!!!

Firstly, Somehow i feel like i have been saying this quite a lot but nonetheless i will say it again. I have not given up on blogging and sorry that i have been M.I.A. There are days when i want to blog so much it hurts. But, I am finding it hard to pencil in blog time on my busy schedule. I would like to think that this situation is a work in progress. I am sure, you will be tired of seeing me pretty soon. Just to say however, that I am currently working on some personal projects and i look forward to sharing them with you soon.

Secondly, I know that for my United States readers, especially, you are preparing for fall and then winter. But, i just wanted to know if the climate has changed for you as yet. I swear that the sun is literally sitting on Jamaica.The days are blazing hot! I know that the summer equinox was on the 21 of September and therefore summer has officially ended. However, i am still waiting for summer to go to sleep or at least take a nap; so i can get a breath of air.

Thirdly, I want to remind you to keep positive. It might sound like i am one of those annoyingly happy persons. the reality is I am far from it, trust me. Like you i have days that kick me in the stomach and drain the energy from my body. Yes, i have those days when i don't want to get out of bed. However, I have learnt that all of this is apart of the human condition and we just need to learnt how to control it. 

Here are three quick tips that i use daily:

Surround yourself with positive energy. I have been hearing this quite often. However, i did not begin to understand the concept until recently. I woke up one day and i said today i will not dwell on the negatives and i will not accommodate persons who do. So for that day i did exactly that and i realized that by the end of the day i felt refreshed. Then, i continued that week and the week after that. I realized that i was able to get more done, i felt better and i was more focused. To me this was amazing after all, my typical day would begin at 5 am and end at 10-11.

Another thing is, before you leave your bed in the morning breathe positive energy into your day. I find that i take 2 minutes to exhale the tiredness, pains, doubts and anxiety in the morning as well as to inhale good things that i want for the day. I generally speak good things into my day. For example: today is going to be an awesome day i claim it! or today i will laugh, i will be happy, everything will be great! I find that when i center my energy i am able to have my contact sessions with an average of 150-200 students daily and still maintain sanity and inner peace.

Finally, get a personal organizer. I am still wondering how i survived so long without one. First of all, no one taught me how to be organized. I have always had the notion that you just get up and do what you have to do. Fullstop. However, thank God for the internet. Through the internet i have discovered the value of a personal organizer. Now, I have my new organizer (my first one ever) and i find that i am less stressed, more focused and procrastinating less because of it. I think i will write a post about my journey.  

Just remember its up to you to create the environment that you will thrive in. No one will do if for you. After all, no one knows you like how you know yourself.


  1. Lioness! It is so hot here in south Florida. It is a lot cooler than it is in august but for the most part it's still in the 90's. It's raining a lot more which cools things down a bit, but the weather is still beach worthy:) great tips onb
    Being positive it's so important to focus on the good :) as for me we don't have a date yet, we're holding off on wedding plans until after my sisters wedding in April :) glad you are well

  2. I am so happy that fall has finally come to Louisiana. I don't think I could have taken the heat and the humidity much longer. And we don't even have a beach to enjoy here.

    I love your tips for staying positive.

  3. Oh forgot to tell you I found you via MBC! So glad I did.

  4. Hey, girl! Good to see you!
    LOVE the positive tips!

    I WISH it felt like fall right now... fall's my fave season! Here in Texas, though, it is still hot as Hades! Whew!


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