Who Looks Back at You When You Look in the Mirror?- Positive Wednesdays

I have not done a Positive Wednesdays post  in a while. Most of my regular features have been place on heitus until September. However, i was in bed and i remember this post that i wanted to share as a part of a motivation series geared towards women. I know i have a few males who read my posts, so sorry if you feel left out.

This video speaks to us as females being everything to everyone else and nothing to ourselves. I wanted to share it because it's an all too familiar reality. I hope it speaks to you in a positive way.

P.S: I am quite flattered, however the person in the video is not me. She is one of my favourite You-tuber, Bronze Goddess.


  1. I love the idea of positive Wednesdays! We could all use at least one positive day each week, couldn't we?!?

  2. So true! We are not only a mother and wife but a friend, a women, a sister, a daughter and we can't forget that! Great idea..Wednesday!

  3. Positive Wednesdays - love it!! I found you through the weekend blog hop til you drop. Hope you stop by and say hi.

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    looking forward to looking through all your posts...well almost all :)

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  9. Beautiful post! Sounds like you have an amazing hubby! That's so sweet! Found you from the weekend blog hop and following you now. Would love a visit!

  10. Hi, thanks for stopping by and following me. I just wanted to let you know that I'm returning the favor as your newest follower :)

    What a great post! I know I could use some positivity in my life from time to time (who couldn't?!)

    I look forward to hearing/reading more from you. I hope you'll stop by and visit from time to time!

  11. Love the name of your blog. Found you on the MBC "Simply Follow" group. Drop by for a visit. I look forward to reading more from you. Have a fantastic day!

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  13. HAHAHAHA, omg! I have 3 smoke detectors going off right now, I was trying to make a video earlier and it was making me absolutely insane! The ceilings are too high for me to change them myself! Haha, watching your video I have your Alarm going off and mine.. its madness!

    I totally hear you on Getting a life.. YOU ARE SO RIGHT! My sister is a new mother and while I know she is in love with her baby and little family, she complains SO much.. She is so consumed with her fiance and baby that I worry she will end up like my parents.. So sad. I actually posted about her the other day; discreetly of course.

    I've had a similar problem, but I just started really taking charge of what makes ME happy and my dreams and my hopes and I am infinitely happier! My love really encourages me to be me and do what I love, but I finally found the courage within myself after getting laid off from a job in Jan. 2011.

    sounds like you have a gem of a guy in your life, me too!

    You are beautiful! Great post!

    Ryan @ thismustbetheplaceryan.blogspot.com

    PS I'm a new follower too btw!

  14. Hey thanks for stopping by! Sorry for the mistake! I should mention then that, YOU ARE BOTH BEAUTIFUL. :D haha.

    Thanks for the sweet note too!

    Have a splended weekend!

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