Out and About Mondays- From the Window of the Car

I was at the stoplight when i grabbed the camera and shot these pics. These pictures of Emancipation Park, in New Kingston Jamaica

I remember there was public up roar because the statues are nude.

There is actually water cascading down the side of the dome (lack of a better word).

One of these days, i will take you inside the park.

Got to go!!! The light says green.


  1. Are you going to be getting Hurricane Irene this week?

  2. They are beautiful! We are so hung up about nudity it's ridiculous. If we look at it as art and separate all the ludeness in our minds, you can appreciate it. Nice camera shots *smiles*

    New follower again from MBC!

  3. I'll also follow you on Bloglovin as well. Look for me, Lisa C Writes. Thanks!

  4. OH gosh! I am glad you are okay! That would scare the bajesus out of me.. Sending you the good vibes Lioness! <3

  5. I love those shots they look so realistic it's a bit scary but that's also what makes it so amazing. That's beautiful. Good for you taking time out to admire the beauty around you.

  6. Thanks for stopping by my blog :) Following you back!
    Jen @ My Secret Home

  7. Oh, that is BEAUTIFUL! Yes, take us inside the park some day!


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