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The Versatility of Olive Oil

If you think that olive oil can only be used in the kitchen then you better think again. There are so many ways you can use olive oil in your life beyond just cooking. Here are some great uses for olive oil: ·Moisturize your skin – A small amount works well as hand lotion and helps cure cracked heels.
·Remove stickers – Apply a few drops and spread over the sticker. Let it sit for thirty seconds and then the sticker should peel off easily.
·Condition your hair – Apply to your hair after shampooing. Let it sit for twenty minutes and then rinse out for shiny, smooth hair.
·Prevent hairballs – Add a few drops to your cat’s food to prevent hairballs and make their fur shiny.
·Get off grease – If you have been working on the car an easy grease remover is just a teaspoon of olive oil!
·Get rid of lice – Coat hair and scalp in olive oil and let sit for thirty minutes. Apply every day until lice are gone.
·Lube – Got a squeaky hinge or a stuck zipper? Add a few drops of olive oil.
·Recondition – Oli…