Monday, August 27, 2012

The Last 48 Hours


I literally just spent the last 48 hours cleaning and organizing my space. I feel like every bone in my body hurts. I will be writing a post giving some organization tips soon. Let me know it you would like me to focus on anything in particular. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Words I had to SAY......

I am counting down the day until i go back to work. There seem to be so much that I need to do and so much I have not done. I can see that my organizer is fulling up and i am bracing myself for it all. However, i have been feeling really zen at this moment in time. I have been speaking a number of positive things to myself and now i feel like i am feeding off all of that positive energy. I did not get all of this 'positive stuff' until i have been allowing it to work in my life. I finally accepted that i have been carrying around a lot of crap. All of this negativity has been affecting my physical and mental health, my energy and my life for quite sometime.

It finally hit me when i turned 30. I feel like i can drop the crap, the bags, the negative people, the doubts, the mistakes and just walk naked 'not literally, after all  i don't want to be arrested for indecent exposure'. I feel like the 20s prepared me for this freedom and it is feeling sweet. I don't have all the answers, neither do i want them; nor do i have the prefect life (is that even possible?).

All i know is that finally i care enough to stop and say exactly what is on my mind (watch out world). Finally, i feel like it is okay to say aloud exactly want is needed in my life. I saw this video on You Tube (i llooovvveee YouTube) that basically place into words my thoughts. I thought that it might be helpful to you.

Also, The How Big is Your Heart Giveaway is over and i am very happy to congratulate Vivian on being the lucky winner. I will be sending an email to you shortly.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Positive Wednesdays- Walking to the Beat of Your Own Drum

Sometimes i feel like individuality is dead. People are often so busy trying to fit in and be accepted that they allow society to dictate who they should be. So today's Positive Wednesdays is about walking to the beat of your own drum.

Because today we are talking about individuality i wanted to use pictures for my posts.




Monday, August 20, 2012


I was away this weekend and i was very proud of the fact that i went 48 hours without the internet. I thought i would go into shock or be shell shock. However, it was actually great.

So today is Monday and it is GREAT!!! I HOPE YOU HAVE A GREAT MONDAY!!!!

Friday, August 17, 2012

2: 23am on August 17, 2012

Yes you guessed it, i am up working. No i am not a workaholic. I would prefer to think of it has working on my dreams. The rationale is that, if i want it bad enough; i'll have to work my butt off for it.

What is the Dream?

The dream is to create an internationally known and successful brand (further details to come).


Why not? I always knew that there had to be more. That my purpose here was to impact on people's lives. I guess that is why i do my full time job. There, i have the ability to touch a least one life and that is a blessing in itself. But Lioness Rebirth reminded me that dreams can come through. My dream was resurrected out of nothingness. I had no major resources, no big bank account, everything indicated this would not be possible. So i literally started my journey on a dream and a whole lot of prayer and hard work. I actually don't mind starting from dirt bottom, because here i know the only place to go is up.


There are quite a number of challenges, for starters: limited resource is one. I am actually one person and often i forget that. Currently, i am managing  two blogs: Lioness Rebirth and Lioness Boutique (the latter is a baby finding its way); a full time face book page: Lioness Boutique; Google +, Lioness Rebirth Facebook; lionbiz email, plus my full time job and my number one job, being a mom. I might have left out a couple things. Maybe? But just to say building a brand takes a lot of time and work in the trenches.God knows there are I have made my mistakes.  There are so many things that i want to do. Often my body reminds me to slow down. When it does send me that message, i do listen.

The positive thing about a lack or resources is that it allows me to be creative. I have learnt lemons actually make delicious lemonade. I have also learnt to be thankful for the resources that i do have and i should never to be too busy lamenting over what i don't have and forget what is right in front of me. So yes, sometimes i feel like Macgyver with a pocket knife.


So LION-hearts, my humble thoughts are if your dreaming.....dream BIG!!!!

Thanks for sharing in my DREAM!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Positive Wednesday......What's Your Next Step?

Positive Wednesdays has been on a hiatus for a while and now it is back. As I type these lines I am aware that I am a totally different person from my last written positive Wednesdays. If I should be completely honest, I have no clue what shape or form this post will take. There is no set plan, no drafts, just me and a blank page. I must also confess that it is a bit scary.

If i should compare life to this post I must say, a lot of us start out this way. We have no plans, no set direction, we like a ship with no captain or navigation system. In this case, life becomes scary because we are face with the unknown. As such, we seen to be battered by the uncertainties of life. I hope this makes sense.

So on my journey, I have learnt one thing. Have a plan, create a goal, write it down, tell a friend, scream it to the world. Simply, make it known. I guess that is more than one thing; but the idea is, we all need a navigation system to get us through life and having a plan/goal does help to better chart your path.

Positive Quote

'He who fails to plan, plans to fail'       

How Big is Your Heart? (GIVEAWAY)

Image of Bartender
My Favourite Mommy at Heart T-shirt
How big is your heart? That question has been rolling around in my brain for a little while. Now seemed the right time to ask the question. I love the idea of voluntary work or giving back, but sadly my schedule doesn't permit me to do either. So, i am usually one of those persons who drops the coins in the tin or purchase an item from a company that contributes to a charity. I figure that is my way of helping the cause.

One company that is currently giving back to a cause is Mommy at What i love about  Mommy at  is that it is a company for women by women. If that is not enough, the company works closely with non-profit organizations. For every shirt purchased on, they will donate $5 directly to a partnering nonprofit with a great cause. I don't know about you but i think when you add up all the $5 dollars that can go a long way to helping a non-profit organization.

Also, what i think is really great is that each t-shirt design playfully reflects a different job that moms perform to support their families. For example, we have designs called “sanitation engineer” “corrections officer” “social coordinator” or “toy repair specialist”. When i read this i was looking for designed that would typically follow the stereotypes of each profession. However, i was happy that the designs were actually happy and kid friendly. I could actually see people looking at the t-shirt and trying to read it while your out and about. Am i the only one who reads other people's t-shirts?

So i go back to my question.....How big is your heart? If your heart is as big as mine, please click on the links in this post and check out Mommy at It will only take a few seconds. Additionally, Mommy at is giving away a discount code to one of my reader's.


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Thursday, August 9, 2012

We came We saw and We Conquered!!!!!!

There is something to be said about the Jamaican Spirit. Today's 200 metre finals of the Olympics hammered home the fierceness of the Jamaican spirit. Young Weir, who no one expected to medal fought hard to gain a bronze. Why? It is simply.We love to be the best. We love to win. We love to conquer. We love to shine.

It is, however, quite ironic to note that we love and admire humility and 'go hard' (never give up ) mentality. Our love for humility sees us standing on the other side of the fence when competing against athletes like Gatlin. His lack of humility leaves us shaking our heads and turning up our noses at the stench of his cockiness. On the other hand, we have unofficially adopted Gay. We wished that he could have proudly stand on the metal podium with our fellow athletes. However, it was not meant to be.

However, when all is said and down, the message that we wanted to send is never underestimate the Jamaican Spirit. We are not a lay down and die people, that is just not in our DNA. Most of all, we love a challenge......


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Jamaica 50- from a Jamaican Lense

It has been crazy here and i am way behind in my posting. Here are some highlights of Jamaica's 50th celebrations, August 6, 2012.






Stop by tomorrow for more pictures....

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Single and Dating?

This has been gnawing at my bones for a while now. I could not shake the idea so i decided to write a post about it, i am hoping that this process can give me some prospective. I have come to realize in the last year that the dating world is brutal. I knew this before now, but i somehow refused to believe it. It is now cclear to me that dating is like a mine field that is over flowing with  traps, mirages, illusions and sinking sand. I know that sounds like gross exaggeration and maybe it is. However, that is how i am starting to feel.

The 20th century concept of dating is like going to war or a winner takes all game of poker (i don't play poker). There are so many layers of deceptions, lies and reverse psychology that would make even Einstein's mind expload. All of this is enough to make a single female wonder if love is truly real.

I met a couple this past weekend. They have been married for 30 years, they gave me hope i told them. After all, i thought they waded through the bullshit (pardon my french), arguments and fights to last for 30 years. But my main issue with the dilemma of dating is what appears to be the total dead of monogamy. I am serious. It seems like everyone has someone on the side, in a closet, around the get the drift.   I must say my previous experiences have left me jaded. That picture of the fairy tale is fast going up in flames, with me trying like crazy to put it out.

After talking to my female friends, i realized that most of them have accepted the strong possibility that their mate might cheat. Their rule is ignorance is bliss, what i don't know wont hurt me. Another friend straight out said all man cheat, it is a given fact. My heart broke......if this is in fact true (i am not saying it is) then my chances of finding a monogamous mate is one in a million.

 I refuse to believe it. I refuse to think that the chances of finding pure love in a mate is a naive dream. That the courtly love that is well documented in literature is now a relic destined to be a long faded memory. So i am single and fighting against the conventions of modern society.  Maybe if i am lucky i can find the one in a million. Then again who needs luck when i have blessings.



Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Emancipation Day Jamaica 2012

Today is Emancipation Day here in Jamaica and i woke up this morning feeling renewed. The day feel light and somehow i felt really hopeful. It is crazy i know, but that was how i felt. I wanted to share some pictures i have been taking from the window of the car, so here they are:

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