Monday, April 30, 2012

How to Fit Planning a Dinner Party Into Your Busy Schedule

Dinner parties are, in theory, an opportunity to spend some time with your friends, enjoy yourself, and relax. However, throwing and hosting a dinner party isn’t always relaxing. It can be quite stressful, especially when your schedule is jam-packed with a million other things. So, how do you find the time to plan and throw a dinner party? Here are some tips to help you fit planning and preparing for a dinner party into your busy schedule:

1. Don’t wait to go shopping – Try to get all the things you need for the party the weekend before the party happens. For instance, you could take a trip to the grocery store on the Saturday or Sunday before the party, when you have some extra time. If you go to the grocery store at a certain time each week to do your regular shopping, pick up the party food then. You don’t have to make a trip to get all the necessary food on the day of the party. This will just make you feel more pressed for time. If you’re getting any supplies or decorations for the party, get these in advance as well. You might even want to order them online to save yourself a trip to a party supply or similar store.

2. Don’t stress about cleaning – Your house doesn’t necessarily have to be immaculate for the dinner party. If you clean regularly anyway, you shouldn’t have to devote too much time to cleaning before the party. Your party guests won’t notice if you haven’t scrubbed every inch of your kitchen and bathroom floors with a toothbrush. If you don’t have as much time as you’d like to devote to cleaning each week, and your home has become a little bit cluttered and disorganized, don’t freak out! Just spend some time the week of the party cleaning for fifteen to thirty minutes each day. It’s best to break up the work, so you don’t overwhelm yourself.

3. Encourage the party guests to bring extra food – You probably won’t be able to get out of cooking before the dinner party. However, you don’t necessarily have to do all the cooking. Potlucks are a common kind of dinner party. If you decide to throw a potluck, you can encourage all the guests to bring food with them. Even if you don’t have a potluck, you can ask a few of your close friends to bring some extra snacks and appetizers to the party to lighten your load in terms of cooking.

So, take care of shopping and cleaning in advance, and don’t be afraid to ask the party guests to share the cooking load. A dinner party shouldn’t be a source of stress in your life!

Author’s Bio: Melissa is an event planner and guest post writer on the subjects of event planning, party supply options, and Mario party supplies for kids’ parties. 

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Did you Know????...... Fitness/Diet App

It seems like there is an app for every thing these days (not complaining). Well, i am happy to say that there is a fitness/diet app that is out. 
A year ago, i was contacted by the writer of the SlimKicker App informing me that she would be  working on the program. Needless to say, i was curious to find out what would be the end product. Almost, a year later the app has been completed.

The concept behind the SlimKicker (the app) is that weight loss is turned into a fun enjoyable game. The app helps in the following ways:

  • Stay motivated and excited

Rack up points for tracking healthy calories, logging your workouts, and completing challenges

  • Stay accountable

Enter 7 to 30 day diet and fitness challenges with others, and "check-in" daily to tell us how you're doing

  • Win prizes

As you level up, you get to participate in giveaway challenges where we give away special prizes

  • Personalized, Actionable Advice

Get personalized reminders from our virtual coach based on your activity.

Please stop by and check out their site.

NB: I am not being compensated to write this review.

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Water In the Desert- Positive Wednesdays


Hope is often like water in the desert. You need it to survive. Have you ever had a period in your life that is totally  rocked with trials, distress and lots of stress. This is our desert... those moments in life that we think that we will just surrender to lives challenges.  At this point allow hope to be your water in the desert. 

Positive Quote

“Never let go of hope. One day you will see that it all has finally come together. What you have always wished for has finally come to be. You will look back and laugh at what has passed and you will ask yourself... 'How did I get through all of that?”

Monday, April 23, 2012

Monday AHHHHHHHHH...........Get Out of my Head!!!!!

I am tired and drained. However, this song is in my head.

Sunday, April 22, 2012

The Clock is Ticking {Will you make your life count?}

Hi Lions and Lionesses, 

Today's information that matters comes from Renee Metlzer; i hope you will find it beneficial.

Each day you are given a gift – a gift of time - 840 waking minutes to be exact.  Tic Toc.  Tic Toc.  Will you make your life count?  Let’s take a little honest inventory of where your time is going? 

 Just answer yes or no to the following questions:
·      Do you spend less than 2 hours each day in entertainment {face book, television, iphone, gaming}? 
·      Do you balance your time by scheduling in time for God, self, family, home keeping and career?
·      Do you work on goals that bring purpose to your life’s dream?
·      Do you know what your life’s mission is?
·      Do you think thoughts of victory and believe “you can do it”? 

Hi, I’m Renee Metzler, author/speaker and founder of {Renee’s Joy Journey} blog where I teach women how to live in balance, purpose and victory through a {Mommy Makeover} ecourse, a free 20 day plan to living your dream {p.s.  It’s not just for moms}.  It’s 20 emails for 20 days with 20 action steps to renew your life and live your dream.  If you answered “no” to many of the questions above, be encouraged.  You can learn to make each day count. 

I often share with my readers and clients that Success lives in your daily routine.”  Below, I’m going to share one secret to a life that counts - a Smart Am Routine.  This is taken straight from my {Mommy Makeover} ecourse.  Be sure to get the complete ecourse to bring together all the important elements {balance, purpose and victory} into your life.  Okay, here’s what a smart AM routine looks like.  By the way, this routine has changed my life.
From Day 6: {Mommy Makeover}:  “Let’s talk about a daily morning routine.  I love when I wake up early and have extra time to soak in my PB&J {prayer, bible and journaling – or time for personal reflection}. When the kiddos are off to school, it's time to start my AM routine. This routine reminds me to do the 'daily home essentials' that keeps my home running smoothly.

Think of the Am Routine this way. Each morning we all get up and get going for the day. You can leave behind a trail of mess or you can be smart and do "little home essentials" as you go. Here is my smart am routine.

The Smart Am Routine
1.   Make your Bed.
2.   Get gorgeous. Swipe with a wipe and leave the bathroom clean.
3.   Take dirty clothes to laundry and start a load.
4.   Put away clean dishes, make breakfast, and reload dish washer.
5.   Daily PB&J and affirmations with family during Breakfast.
6.   Review your daily schedule.
7.   Hit a Hot Spot for 5 minutes (put clutter away).

Notice that you probably already go to the kitchen. Why not take a dirty load of laundry with you? Smarter! You probably already "get gorgeous" in the bathroom. Why not leave the bathroom tidy? Smarter! You probably already eat breakfast. Why not have your family put their dirty dishes in the dishwasher? Smarter! I'm excited for you to see your home go on "auto pilot" when you begin your "Smarter" Am Routine today.

Action Steps:
·      Complete the Smart Am Routine Today
·      Sign up for the free {Mommy Makeover} ecourse

Saturday, April 21, 2012


The weekend is upon us and i am sure there are many challenges ahead. This is for you.

Have a great weekend!!!!

Exploring Lioness Rebirth

The idea came to me this morning that Lioness Rebirth has grown and as such the brand as many aspects that you might not be aware of. Today I just wanted to show the different sides of the brand - Lioness Rebirth.


Lioness Rebirth
Lioness Boutique
Free Xpressionz   (Jamaican Dancehall Music)

Lioness Boutique (page)
Lioness Rebirth


So, i hope you will stop by any of the above mentioned sites, look around and share your thoughts.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

New Venture

I have been keeping things on the down low about my new venture for a while now. While battling computer problems, i took the opportunity (or should i say the opportunity seized me) to open a boutique.No, it is a virtual shop. Lioness Boutique has been formally launched in Jamaica. Yes, I said it.

I am still wondering when i got to this point; meaning when i started Lioness Rebirth- The Blog, opening a boutique was not apart of the plan. However, the more i blogged; the more doors opened and the more opportunities i am able to explore.

Now, i am here. I must say it is scary. Anyone, who has ever started a business knows what i am talking about. There is a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights. But,  I am excited to see where this new venture will take me.

So, please stop by and like my and look around. I would love your feedback. Lioness Boutique also has a blog

All prices are quoted in Jamaican dollars (J$ 88 to US$1 ).

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Editor's Pick- Pocket

I received an email from an editor at Pocket Change which informed me that my blog was selected for an Editor's Choice Award from their website. 

I would like to publicly say thank you to the folks at Pocket ChangeThank you for your consideration.

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