Do You Look in the Mirror?

What do you see when you look in the mirror? We often see what we want to see when we look in the mirror. For some of us, we see lines that are not there or weird shadows and minute flaws that in fact makes us prefect. Many say it is society that has created a era of women who are chasing after the myth, perfection. But we cannot blame society for all of our ills. Well we can but let's be real. We have to instead weak up and decide what we want. Or better yet, we need to decide which you, you want to be.

Last year, i did just that. I decided to step outside the box and be who i want to be. So i cut my permed hair and started to lock my hair. Now let me tell you,  it was not an easy progress. I turned up at work and everyone did a double take. Basically i had little or no hair. Kids started to laugh and my colleagues looked at me weird but i did not care. I knew what i wanted and society's perception of beauty was not going to stop me. So i walked out proudly and eventually the reactions dissipated. People adjusted and moved on. A year later i am able to make a bun with my hair. I am regularly referred to as Empress, Princess or Queen by members of the public.

I am relating all of this to say,  you must determine for yourself what is beauty and what makes you beautiful. So when you look in the mirror you should see beauty radiating. You should embrace your prefect imprefection. 


  1. Living your life to please anyone but yourself is insane! Who cares if this or that person doesn't ~like~ you. Hon, I can walk around anybody with my head held high and dressed the way I want to be, hair the way i want it. And those other folks can look...but they certainly can't touch because...I own woman!

  2. I really don't care about what others say about me but I always am too hard on myself especially when I look in the mirror.

    I really wanted to watch the music video, but ethan kept yelling turn the music off. Will have to watch it later :)

  3. Beautiful post, beautiful girl!


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