How to Earn Extra Money During Summer

If you are like me, then by now you have realized that it is essential for you to have multiple streams of income.  Summer is officially here and so for some of us; this is the time we think about what else we can do to make extra cash. Here are some simple ideas that you can multiple into extra cash. 

Rent a Room

You can rent a furnished room in your home on Airbnb. You decide on your price per night and your guests can pay you online before they ever get to your door. I like this option because you already have everything you have to get started. Go to Airbnb for more details.

Summer Day Camp/ Day Care

You can have your own summer day camp or day care for kids. You can offer your services at a  competitive rate so has to attract clients. Another way to attract clients is to create  fun lists of activities that the kids can do on a daily basis. 

Remember before starting to check the laws of your country/ state to see if there are no legal restrictions. 

Plan Summer Parties

Do you enjoy planning events? 

Are you a stickler for details? 

Then maybe planning summer parties is a prefect way for you earn extra money.

You can plan summer theme parties in which persons can pay to enter. Another way is that you can plan events in your home or back yard in which you can sell pastries, ice creams, jewellery, D.I.Y creations, etc.

These events can be planned for children or adults. 

Don't knock it until you have tried it. Just use your imagination to create some great ideas that can be turned into a business idea.

Summer Tours

You can organize tours to explore your city or other excursions.  Here in Jamaica people often plan beach excursions on public holidays. Persons then pay to attend these excursions. There are often single and couple rates provided. This might sound simple, yet persons make money from this because they promote these excursions as events that are fun and relaxing. Therefore, people look forward to attending.


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