Saturday, August 29, 2015

A Beautiful Reflection- Book Review

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A while ago I received the book- A Beautiful Reflection to review. The book is written by Sarah Maddox and it explores the age old situation of being in an unequally yoked relationship as a person of faith. It explores dating in the presence of God and implications of being in a relationship with someone who is not as spirituality connected to God as you are.


 In the novel, the protagonist Susan Strasbourg (a deeply devoted conservative Christian) meets Jim Hitchenson (a handsome and successful bachelor) and they quickly fall in love with each other. Jim is everything that Susan never thought she wanted. However, although Jim is from a Christian family the question still remains, is he committed in his faith. Can he be the man of God that Susan wants and needs? The book follows the couple as they tries to answer all these questions.

Writer's Craft

The premise of the plot is an interesting one. I found that the author took her time to develop the plot. The story began with a bang however, as the plot developed the characters seemed less relatable. They became flat and stereotypical. As a result of this, I found that the story line lost me. I would have love to give this book five stars however I walked away from the story being underwhelm. Therefore, I will give this book two and a half stars.

 Tell Me

If you have read this book please share your thoughts and feelings about the plot.

The Book Corner is a new feature on Lioness Rebirth. From time to time I will be reviewing books that I have received for review.

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Tips for Managing Multiple Blogs

Here are some tips on how I manage my multiple blogs:

Use One Blogging Platform

I find it more manageable to have all my blogs on one blogging platform (Blogger). My blogger dashboard has where I can see all my blogs at a glance and I find this very handy and useful.
So I suggest have all you blogs on one blogging platform that way you can see all your blogs and you can better track your blogs that way. I find that blogger helps me to do that.

Never Post Substandard Content:

 When you have multiple blogs you might feel like you have to post to keep your readers coming back; however, if you post content that is below your standards you will find that your loyal readers will lose interest and stop reading your blog. It is better not to post than to post content that is not in line with your blog just  because you feel like you have to post something.

 Set scheduled posts

 I am bad at this. But I have found that it is great when you stagger your posts if you have multiple blogs. This is especially good if all of your readers are from one Google + profile. This way you won’t overwhelm your readers. Pretend that you are a reader and you see four different posts from someone you follow from four different blogs on the same day.  I am sure you do a double take and become so confused. In short, don’t overwhelm your readers (Google +).

Find Your Niche

You need to have a clear purpose for your blog that way you will definitely know your niche and you will target that niche. When I first started blogging I had no purpose for my blog, Lioness Rebirth. I just wrote about things that interest me. However, over time I realized that my readers gravitated to posts that provided information that they found useful. So, I then focused my blog on that niche.

Network Based on your Blogs

It is good to join different communities on Google + based your different blogs. This helps because you can share with members of that community so that they can read posts that interest them from your blog. Remember to get involve. Do not make it a one way street. That way you can get a discussion going on your blog and in the community itself.

I hope these tips were helpful. Please let me know if there are any posts you will like me to share.

Four Blogs & Counting......

I have four blogs. All four blogs are quite different and they have different functions. Before I share my tips to managing a blog; I thought it would be beneficial to explain why I have four blogs and the nature of these blogs.

My first blog: Lioness Rebirth is very near and dear to my heart. I write posts on this blog that are more informative and a little do it yourself. These posts require a lot more research than my other blogs. Therefore, it takes more time to write a post and also there is more editing that needs to be done for this blog. Of all of my blog this blog is more time consuming.


 Then, there is my second blog Lioness Boutique Jamaica. This blog has a series of short posts that are linked to my shop Lioness Boutique. These posts are often picture based. So, it is simple and easy to write a post on this blog. It is not so much time consuming. However, like with Lioness Rebirth it requires research.

The third blog, is CSEC English Made Easy. This blog is for my students. I post resources based on the syllabus I am teaching or related activities that my students can do. Students log on at school or at home and they can get additional notes or resource materials based on the topic that we are doing. During exam time, I like to add a few tips and course material that I did not add before on there. It is quite helpful. There is not a lot of research that I have to do on this blog because I already have the information. Sometimes all I do is cut and paste.

My final blog is Positive Wednesdays. Those of you that have been reading my posts for a while know that I started Positive Wednesdays as a theme on my blog Lioness Rebirth. However, as my journey with Christ started I found that Lioness Rebirth was not the right space to share my journey. However, Positive Wednesdays encapsulated what I wanted to share with a new faith based audience and so I created a blog based on the theme and discontinued the theme on Lioness Rebirth. I am thankful that it was a smooth transition.

From this short overview of my blogs you have come to realize that my blogs requires some amount of management to organize. It is also crucial that I do not overlap content or post information that is also unique to each blog. Stop by to see tips on how to manage multiple blogs.