Sh*t Gets Real

Blogmas- Day 4

I don't think I have ever written a post like this before. If this is not your cup of tea I am fine with you skipping this post and coming back tomorrow. If you want to see me vent; then you are at the right place. Guys, I need to vent. I need to keep it real for you all. As I type my post today, I am mad as hell. In fact I am Madea mad (you know Madea is craaaaazy).

Anyone who knows me would be shocked at the above meme. It is not often that I become extremely angry. In fact, I almost always do not use strong language. However, I am reeling and seeping with anger, frustration and annoyance because of situations at work that is out of my control. 

Do you notice how powerless you feel when things are out of your control? Especially, the things that immediately affect you.   Sometimes, these things make you feel like a pressure cooker, just boiling waiting to explore. So, what do I or what should I do?


Hold Up!!!! What??!!! Appreciate Life???!!!  Ask yourself, how does this incident at work affect the price of rice? (Tell me if you understand the terminology).  The answer is nada, nil, zip, zilch, no and the list goes on. So, breath......take a and move on.


As always, thank for shopping by and come back again tomorrow.


  1. True words many can relate keep up the food "

  2. True words, many can relate. Thanks for the good advice in these situations


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