Relaxation Ideas/Tips for Moms- D.I.Y. Sundays

Spa Day at Home

A great relaxation tip for moms is  having a weekly spa day at home. You can add a number of beauty routines to your spa day activities such as doing a baking soda body scrub, painting your nails, scrubbing your feet, steaming your face, shampooing your hair, shaving your eyebrows, etc.

This idea can be changed to fit your personality or beauty needs. Therefore, it can be an elaborate event or a simple few hours in which you lock out world or family and pamper you. 


Take a Nap

Yes, I said it. This tip is simplistic in nature but trust me when I say it works. There are times that moms are conditioned that they need to be superwomen in order to be great moms, which means they need to see and be everything to the people around them. However, in doing so often we become ragged and rundown and then the same people we are taking care of turn their noses up at us. So, taking a nap during the day often gives us a time to relax our mind and body and in essence it pushes the reset button and refreshes us.

Stop Freaking Out


I know this has been said more than once but I am going to say it again. How we respond to the situations around us can either add to or decreases our stress levels. Therefore, a very important relaxation tip is to stop working ourselves up about situations that will not affect our overall life, happiness, health, wealth, etc. Simply put, stop placing major importance on trivial/minor issues in our daily life. When you do this you will realize that you will be more relaxed and people will actually prefer to be around you.

Do You Daily

Do You Daily means that on a daily basis you can do something that you love or something that you do only for you. This can be unique to you and your interests. Some ideas that came to my mind are: you can take ten minutes to watch a YouTube video or take 30 minutes to read a chapter or two of your current favourite book, or going to the park to have lunch, or take a walk and see something different. Whatever you do is up to you. 

I hope you find these ideas/tips beneficial. Please leave a comment letting me know whether you plan to implement any of these or if you are already doing any if these. Also, share your own relaxation ideas/tips 


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