Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Overcoming Failed Relationships- Positive Wednesdays

Relationships are a necessary part of the human existence. They help us to be well adjusted, they often cause us to feel love, they make us laugh and they give us something to look forward to.  Our lives seem more joyful when we form positive relationships. But what happens when everything goes south? What do you do when you are faced with the reality that a major relationship in your life must end? 

What do you do when a relationship fails?

Often when a relationship fails, it is because of one reason or another. It might be that you or the other person (s) decides to walk away from each another.  In a situation like this there is a period of mourning. We mourn not only when someone dies. We also mourn the absence of a person from our lives without even realizing it. Whether we want to admit it nor not, to loss someone who is close to use is a painful process. It is so painful that we become so closed off that we don’t even realize that we are mourning.

In times like these it is great to remember that people often come into our lives for a season. In that season we grow and change because of their presence. When they leave it is good to always remember the good we have learnt from them and disregard the negatives. Our natural instincts are to try and make up. But just remember that you have done that all we can do to fix the situation and now it is time to pick up the pieces and move on. Sometimes we still, try to make the relationship work because of fear of losing that person. Just remember that it might hurt now to overcome a failed relationship but the pain won’t last forever. Life has a way of healing us.

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

FREE Book Reviews for Self Published Authors

I have observed that there are a number of very talented writers who have opted to publish their own books instead of going the traditional route of being published through a publishing house. I have also noted that these excellent writers often find it challenging to get their book reviewed for one reason or another.

So, starting July 23, I will be accepting self published books for review. Once a book is accepted for review you will receive and email notification. Once, the book review is written it will be published on the following blogs: Lioness Rebirth, New Day Book Reviews and C.S.E.C. English Made Easy. The review will also be shared on Good reads, Amazon, Face book and twitter.

Additionally, I am open to doing blog tours, author interviews and guest post reviews. For further details please read my review policy.

Review Policy 
I am currently open to receiving Advance Reading Copies and Review Copies of e books  from self published authors. My preferred genres are How to books, D.I.Y. Books, with the occasional Romance novel (Historical, Contemporary). This does not, however, mean that we will not consider books from other genres! I love mysteries, historical fiction, and will consider any book with a great synopsis.
I will not accept any book that is linked to: the occult, erotica, zombies, etc.
I cannot promise to agree to every review request, nor can I guarantee a favourable review of books sent to me. I ,however, promise to be fair and honest in my review.  I will consider all queries and review copies sent my way but I regret that I might not able to respond to all email  queries. If you don’t hear from me in a timely fashion please resend your email.

My review copy preference is for e books, followed by print copies as I am located in Jamaica. As such, digital ARCs/review copies will be given precedence over print copies. My preferred format is PDF.

If you are willing and able to ship to my location I will definitely review your book.

In order to contact me with a review query, please sent an email @ 

Positive Wednesdays- P.S. I Love You

When was the last time you sat and wrote a letter or a note to someone you cared about?

For most of us it has been years. In this technological savvy age individual handwritten notes are a rarity.  It is so rare that there are now companies that specialize in creating handwritten notes for individuals and businesses. Why is this? There is something to be said about receiving a hand written note or letter. It brings a smile to your face and warms your heart. It reminds you that somewhere out there someone cares enough to patiently pen a letter or note just for you. In short, in a way it makes you feel valued and special. 

So today I encourage you to sit and write a note for someone near and dear to you.

Here are some free printable positive note sheets that you can write your letter or notes on.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

Tips for Conquering Your To Do List and FREE Printable- D.I.Y. SUNDAYS

Examining the To Do List

A To-Do- List is an electronic, handwritten or typed list of tasks that needs to be accomplished. The creator of the list makes a decision of the tasks that needs to be accomplished and he/she makes note of these tasks, often in order of importance, in a list format. Once an item is completed, it is often marked off the list. In doing so, the individual goes to the next item on the list until the list is completed.

This seems like an efficient enough system; however, for some of us it does not matter what we do; we just cannot make this system work. Instead of being organized with completed tasks we become frustrated and stressed by what we have not done.

Here are five tips that I have found can be quite useful in creating a To-Do- List.  


1)     Be Realistic
I say be realistic because often we create a to-do-list with fifteen or twenty items on it which needs to be completed. At the end of the day, you will realize by looking at the list that you have only completed five tasks. This leads to you being frustrated and out of frustration you scrap the whole idea of making a to-do- list.

Write only four to five items on your list. Choose the four or five most important things to do for the day and write them on your list. Once you have completed those tasks, you can then add three to four more items. Just do not overload your list. Once again I say be realistic.

2)     Plan Ahead
From my experience, I have found that I keep putting things on my list that were not essential to my day. Yes, these things needed to be done but they could be done on any day at any time. When this happens the most important things that needed to be completed were not accomplished.

Write your to-do- list the night before or early in the morning before you start your daily task. This way you can review all the things you have to do and set propriety to the ones that are more important. You will also find that you can make your list more concise by doing this.

3)     To- Do- List to Go


You are out and about conducting business however you cannot find the paper you wrote your to-do- list on. This then turns into a never ending dive into your bag. If your handbag is like mine then searching for this list is a hopeless cause. You give up searching for the list and then you forget a task or two that needs to be accomplished.

Create your to-do- list on your phone, tablet, etc. I currently use the app color notes on my phone. It works for me because it syncs with my Google calendar and I can make multiple notes with it.  This way if I am on the go my list is easily accessible.

4)     Make Major Tasks Continuous

You have a task to do that will take three or four days.  You try to complete this extensive task in one day and find that at the end of the day you are unable to tick it off your list. Somehow you feel like you have not done anything substantial because there it is on you to-do- list smiling at you as if to mock your efforts.

Break up these major tasks into different sub tasks. Then, add a different sub-task on each day of your to do list.  This will enable you to complete the major task on a step by step basis. In doing this, you will also stem the habit of procrastination.

5)     Make it a Routine
You make a to-do- list today and it works. Tomorrow you are too tired to do it or you go back to making mental notes of the things you need to do. At the end of the day you are tire and overwhelmed because there is still so much to do that you have not done.

Make creating and completing a to-do- list a routine. I have a co-worker who I admire so much because of her excellent organization skill. What I have observed with her is that without fail every day before she starts to do anything she either writes or evaluates her to do list, if it was created the day before. In doing so, she has created a routine for herself that ensures that without fail she completes her set tasks. Remember, if you fall off the to-do- list wagon one day, just brush yourself off and jump back on.


In preparation for this post I decided to try my hand at creating printable using Microsoft Word (let me know if you want me to a post about this). You will find them attached for you to download free. These to-do-lists can be posted on your fridge, in your home management binder or just use at your work station. Please feel free to share your reviews and comments on this post and the printable to-do- lists.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Do It Yourself Money Tips- How to Get Paid Blogging

Although money is paper we all have some need for it. We need it to pay the bills, to buy important items that are needed and the list goes on. In short, money is helpful to function on a day to day basis. However, what do we do when the little money we have is not sufficient? What then?

Some of us would love to live in a mansion with hired help but the reality is our merger salary just cannot support the lifestyle. Do we (A) change and adapt to our situation or (B) create more debt while trying to keep up with the Jones?

 If we examine nature, we realize that the natural environment adjust itself to each season. Animals hibernate, trees lose their leaves and birds migrate to survive winter. They all adapt themselves knowing that a different season must come. That although it is challenging now, tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow will be better if when life changes; we function more effectively in our new environment of change. In adjusting we will develop skills that will ensure our survival like the animals in nature. 

With all of this in mind, for this summer we at Lioness Rebirth will embark on a new project entitled, Do It Yourself Money Tips. This will be a weekly post that will explain to you how to make money online, how to save money and how to find great deals. All of these will be simply and easy ways in which you can create additional income for yourself, while saving. At the bottom of this post we will give you a brief preview of this weekly post.

Do it Yourself Money Tip # 1-How to Get Paid Blogging

When I first started blogging I did not have any idea that I could get paid to blog. For me blogging was a great hobby that I loved. It was and still is a joy to sit and create for others to enjoy. However, then I discovered that once you have great content and you have honed your skills as a writer you can be paid to do what you love.

Content is KING

I shared my experience above because I wanted to highlight two things about paid blogging that is important. The first is great content. In blogging content is KING. If you are not a celebrity no one wants to really know the inner details about your life. Don’t get me wrong, it is good to share details about yourself to your core audience to build a rapport but it is better to provide information to your readers that they can use in their daily lives. Great content is what will drive readers to your blog and increase your blog stats. High blog stats is one of the things that will help you to gain paid blogging opportunities. Therefore, think about a niche for yourself and develop great content for the readers in your niche. This way you will be successful.

Honing Your Skills

 The second important thing I want to highlight is honing your skills as a writer. There are a number of excellent bloggers out there who have worked tirelessly to develop their blogs and their skills and in doing so they are reaping the rewards of their hard work (paid opportunities). In honing your skills you can develop an eye for good content by reading other blogs, books, magazines, newspapers, etc. Basically, immerse yourself in the written word; in doing so you can examine various writing styles and develop your own. It is important to note that in writing your posts; you should aim to keep your language simple and to the point. This way your readers will not be confused by highfalutin terms. 

My dictionary is right at my finger tips.
Most importantly, always proofread and edit your blog. If your spelling is poor make your dictionary your friend. If you don’t have a dictionary get one. No one wants to read a post that is loaded with grammatical errors. What I find helps me is that I type my posts in Microsoft Word and then paste them in Blogger. This helps me to edit my posts better. After I have published my posts, I also read my posts to see if I missed any errors while I was editing. Even if you only have one reader always try to produce the best final product.

Paid Opportunities

Once you have done the above you can start looking for paid blogging opportunities. One website that I found that is simple and easy to get paid blogging jobs is is a website that helps bloggers by providing help tips on how to improve your blog. What I absolutely love about the site is its online job board. Their job board is designed in a way where you the blogger, writer, editor can apply for various blogging jobs from real companies. In doing so you don’t necessarily have to go through a middle man like with a company like SocialSpark.

For additional information on How to Get Paid Blogging you can also read this post: Five Websites You can Use to Monetize Your Blog 

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