Looking at 30

I am 31 now but when I started this blog I was 28. I remember vividly dreading the onset of 30 like yesterday. I feared the idea of getting old like everyone else. I also remember conjuring up pictures of my life slipping away like sand in an hourglass. Three plus years later I can proudly say that I have adjusted well to the BIG 3-0. If anything I must day that I am more thankful to be 30 plus. As I skip through my mental file of my 20’s I cringe; my 20’s was a period where I seemed to stumble around not knowing who I was or my place in the world. I have always been blessed with an internal compass that always charted where I was and where I wanted to go and what I needed to do to get where I needed to be. Therefore, my sense of direction was always on point.
However, I don’t think I was really ever comfortable in my skin as I am today. I have learnt to be me, accept me and understand my limitations. Anybody who knows me knows I walk to the beat of my own drums. Simply put, I am weird. I have realized that my 30’s have allowed me to accept the fact that I don’t have to fit into that tiny box that society dictates. I have now completely given up on fashion trends and what’s in or out. I buy want I like and what I feel comfortable in. I do worry about looking like the latest trends in a magazine or in a music video. If I feel like wearing slippers and socks I will. I have learnt that self acceptance is very important. When I say this, I do not mean that I have given working on my faults or areas of weakness. Nor do I mean that I do not take advice or correction from my peers. In short, I have come to understand my imperfections for what they are and often I have come to appreciate that I am perfectly imperfect.


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