POSITIVE WEDNESDAYS- Some Things are Just out of Your Control

Some things are just out of your control; however, how you react to these things are totally in your control. I just went back to work after having gastroenteritis, within a week after returning I could barely talk and now I am coughing all the time. My typical reaction to this would be to throw my hands in the air and drop everything. I would typically just feel pity for myself.

 How often do you allow something totally out of your control, just to control you? I guess what I am trying to say is often you cannot control what will happen to us in this life. We might try to control all of the moving parts, but can we really?

An analogy comes to my mind when I think of this. You are on a ship sailing in paradise and then your ship starts leaking. You try to stop the leak but then it starts to leak in another area of the ship. Once again you try to stop the leak. So it goes until the ship sinks with you trying to control something totally out of your control. Often we are so blinded by things that are out of our control that we totally miss the proverbial life boat. We miss the opportunities that are staring us right in the face.

So my friends, when things like these occur you need to mediate on finding your life boat. For me as a Christian, I find myself seeking guidance from the Holy Spirit. My answers normally come when I stop and put my desires and my fix it mentally to rest and open up myself to God’s plan.  In these times I get more than a life boat. The Holy Spirit provides a brand new updated ship.



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