Finding Your Voice- Day 20

I literally just woke up from a nap. When I went to sleep I had no idea I would write a post today. However, I woke up with this post on my heart. So, here goes. I was at church today and I was flipping through a folder that I had purchased a year ago. I had written random poems in this folder and I found a poem I had written entitled, 'I Think I Lost My Voice along the Way'. In the poem, I reflect on the lost of my voice.

I wrote: “I think I lost my voice along the way/ I allowed the voices of the maddening crowd/ to drown out my honey soaked, love filled/ molasses, sugar sweet/ melodious sounds.”

I had completely forgotten I wrote the poem and to be honest I do not remember writing the poem. However, for a while I felt like I had lost my voice. When I refer to my voice, I am not speaking about the sounds that leave my mouth in the form of speech. I am talking about that power inside that is mixed with the essence of who I am. I am referring to the power that has enabled me to touch lives positively, the power that God has given me to fulfill my purpose. This is the voice I am referring to.

During the period I am talking about above. I had stopped blogging. For some reason or another, I could not get a chance to sit down long enough to write a blog post. I had work, I had a business I was starting, I had my daughter to take care of and I had to move. I had soooo many things going on at that time that caused me not to focus on me. Looking back I realized that these were some of the things that caused me to lose my voice. How many of us just lose ourselves, our voices by the virtue of just trying to do everything and be everything for everyone else.  How often do we try to be the best mom, best wife, and the best at everything we do? Often, in the process of trying to be the best, we completely lose us.

I have said this several times in various posts, when I first starting blogging I did not think about gaining followers or paid reviewed offers. I did not even know I would be any good at blogging. After all, I was one of the worst spellers in high school. My grammar was horrible. My friends did not get the whole idea of blogging and they discouraged me (that is a whole other blog post unto itself).So in short, the only thing I thought I had going for me was the fact that I love the written word.  I did not think I could inspire, but I just started writing anyway. When I started blogging, I wrote from a place of pain and truth. I wrote for me. It was my therapy. It was something I did because I felt compelled to write (Ironically, I hated writing when I started). In the process of writing; slowly but surely, my voice was being brushed off and polished. It was being aired and used. I found that my voice was touching people. What started has my therapy become a blessing for others. Through that process, I also became blessed.

So my friends, finding your voice is always about finding yourself. If your voice is the essence of you (your you-ness), then it is not about how loudly you can talk or how eloquent you are. It is about discovering who you are as a person and loving yourself for your strengths and also your weakness. It is about allowing your weakness not to overpower you but instead allowing them to be a beacon for someone else by your act of overcoming them.  Finding your voice is not about being prefect or being the best. It is about knowing who you are and spending time learning about yourself. It is about learning to be comfortable in your skin. So my friends, if you have not began your journey to finding your voice, there is no better time to start than now.


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