Day 5- Traffic

I am almost at the end of my day and it has been a task and a half to get home. Traffic humbled me tonight. I wanted to get to church and instead I found myself sitting in traffic for two and a half hours. When I got to the church I saw everyone walking out. I did not even get to hear amen. Instead of being angry and annoyed (my usual practice) I went inside the church and told the pastor what happened. After sharing my ordeal, he prayed with me. If I had allowed traffic to piss me off to the point of anger and frustration I would have missed out on the simple point that it is never too late to pray for God's blessings and guidance.  

So I guess what I am trying to say is that traffic will always be in our life. It will be like an obstacle to the next best thing we want to do. The truth is we cannot escape from traffic, just like how we cannot escape the various obstacles that will be present in our lives. What we can do is make a conscious decision to choose how we react to all of the things that have been placed in our lives to frustrate and conquer us. We can spend our time getting angry and worked up at these obstacles or we can see them for all the possibilities we can achieve by taking a detour. 


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