Day 4- Inside Out

We all know that a beautiful spirit creates a beautiful person. However, often we do not understand what that means exactly. We also seem to forget that we should all try to develop a beautiful spirit in all of us. In theory, I understood the concept of inner beauty; however, in truth I did not understand it at all. Let me explain what I mean, I remember last year my face started to break out. I would go to bed and wake up with a huge pimple that had developed overnight (I kid you not). This was hard for me to cope with or even understand because I never had to worry about acne at any point in life. Now, after many years after adolescence I had to deal with magical pimples that developed in my sleep. I tried to beautify myself with lotions and face creams. I even stopped looking in the mirror completely. I would go days without actually seeing my own face. Like I said, I did not take it well. 

But looking back now, I realize that the inner turmoil I was experiencing at that point in my life was just reflecting on my outside. Now that I am experiencing an overwhelming sense of peace and joy, that is what is reflected through me. So now even my tendency to be very impatient and annoyed is slowly dissipating. I have made the connection that these reactions often stem from how I feel inside. Therefore, how I react to situations and persons are a byproduct of how I am feeling physically and emotionally in that moment, in time. Now that I have made the connection.....I now see that gaining true beauty means nourishing your spirit with things that are of God and that are positive in nature.


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