DAY 3- Knocking Down Mountains

I had what Oprah calls an 'aha moment' this morning. I woke up feeling the pressures of the world on me. As I thought about the numerous tasks I had on my plate to complete, I felt a headache slowly starting to develop in my brain and with each passing moments I started to feel the pressures of the day mounting and mounting. That is when it hit me, why should I allow a mountain to fall on me and shallow me whole. I thought to myself, my God is awesome. Then it occurred to me, why should I worry when my God can move mountains. 

So, I immediately started to speak positive energy into my day. I started speaking positive energy into my whole approach to my problems. I started looking not at my problems but at how I can solve my problems. I started to tell myself that a mountain was there because I allowed it to be there. With each spoken word my mountain began to break away and turn into rubble. 

I realized that i had allowed myself to be placed in a position of stress and fear because of my perspective on the situations that faced me. How often do you create mountains in your life? 

''Faith is like a muscle once you start to use it, it will become stronger''    Lioness Rebirth     


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