P.S. from Paradise

As i sit before the laptop trying to write this post, somehow i feel like the first day i started this blog. I wanted to write but there was some amount of uncertainty, anticipation, yet peace and calm. I guess, a feeling of, a sense of purpose was hovering around in the air. All of these feelings are present now.

So much as happened since i started this blog two years ago and so much as changed including me. If i were to be honest, i would say that my perspective on blogging as changed along the way. In that, i find myself sharing more life experiences than reeling out researched facts. If should go a step further, i would admit that life has got in the way. I find myself yearning to blog, however, with little or no time to do so.It is a sad fact but it is true.

If i should make a new year's resolution it would be to blog more and so  in this my second year of blogging; i want to reclaim my roots and provide constant posts. Lets see what happens.

I had to share. Happy new year from paradise!!!!!!


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