Positive Wednesdays: Finding Your Passion

Life is too short to be doing anything other than what you love. Yet figuring out what it is you love to do can be harder than it seems like it should. After all, you just need to think about what makes you feel good and do that, right?
The reality for many of us is that we are so focused on what we feel like we need to do or have to do that we completely lose sight of what it is that we want to do. We become out of touch with our passion as we channel all our energy on our responsibilities.

Reconnecting with or finding our passion is important to realizing our full potential and to living the life that we dream of. Here are a few tips you can use to help you find your passion and start reclaiming your bliss:

Start with What You Know

Your passion isn't some long-lost or hidden thing. It's brimming right under the surface. You just have to pay attention to see it there. Start by asking yourself what it is you enjoy. What do you get excited to do? What do you do when you have free time? Is that watching movies? Maybe your passion is storytelling. Do you enjoy running? Maybe your passion is health and nutrition.
Sometimes the answer is a simple one. Start by asking yourself what you enjoy and you may discover what you love.

Think of Who You Admire

The people we admire are the ones who possess some trait that we (maybe secretly) wish we had or that are living the life that we wish we were. By looking to the people we admire, we can gain insight into our passions.
The people you admire don't have to be limited to people you know personally. Even celebrities or famous authors or business leaders can provide some clues about what your passion may be in the things that you admire.

Try New Things

Often, we don't know what we don't know. Your passion may be waiting for you to find it. You can do that by trying new things, meeting new people, and opening yourself up to new experiences and new possibilities. Your next camping trip could show you that you love white water rafting. Your next blind date could show you that you are passionate about writing.
Inspiration can strike in the least likely place. Try new things, and you may find a passion that you didn't know you had.

Consider the Impossible

You may already know your passion, but you're just afraid to admit it to yourself. Maybe your passion is acting and your dream is to become an Oscar winner, but you think that it's impossible. Or maybe you love to write and want to be a published author but are too afraid to admit it for fear of failure.
When you allow yourself to consider the impossible -- to say "yes" instead of "no" -- you allow yourself to embrace your passion. Think big and remove your limits. You may find that you already know what your passion is.

Remove All Obstacles

Responsibilities can dull our dreams. To find your passion, ask yourself what you would be doing right now if money and time were not an issue. What would you be doing if you had no other responsibilities or obstacles? You may surprise yourself with your answer, and you may just find your true passion.
Finding your passion can help you find your bliss in life. Doing what you love can help you unlock your personal potential and discover that you are capable of much more than  you ever thought possible. It is important to break free from the chains of routine and responsibility in order to find the things that will truly make you happy.
What is your passion? Share how you found it in the comments!

Sarah Clare is a writer and oversees the site projectmanagementsoftware.com, where she has recently been researching collaborative project management. In her spare time, Sarah enjoys cooking and scrapbooking.


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