Coping!!!!-Positive Wednesday

I was on my way to the hospital yesterday. There were so many things that keep playing in my mind. I thought about the pain I was experiencing. I also thought about the fact that I had to drive myself, I worried about what might happened if I should fall ill while behind the wheel. All of these things were racing through my mind while I was looked intently on the road, trying to keep up with the rat race.

Out of nowhere came a series of beeps from the lane beside me. Immediately my first response was, oh God what now. I turned to look and a man was signaling to me, he had a woman beside him. My first reaction was that something  was wrong. Next I thought,  I cannot take the drama this morning. Nonetheless, the man continued to signaled as if to wave me down. Finally, we were across from each other. In that moment he only said one word. Here is what he said, SMILE. I responded with what and a blank expression. He repeated his word, SMILE. It was followed by 'you look too serious' and he ended with a huge smile. The lady beside him looked at me and just like that, they both disappeared.

Without thinking I started to smile too. All the what ifs were gone and in their place remained a SMILE. My experience yesterday remained me that how we approach a situation will determine how well we cope with what comes our way. Yesterday i forgot that.

So, today I am in pain and my first instinct is to curl up in a ball and cry. But, that one encounter reminded me that out of nowhere there can be hope (a smile) and hope makes everything seem better.



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