New Venture

I have been keeping things on the down low about my new venture for a while now. While battling computer problems, i took the opportunity (or should i say the opportunity seized me) to open a boutique.No, it is a virtual shop. Lioness Boutique has been formally launched in Jamaica. Yes, I said it.

I am still wondering when i got to this point; meaning when i started Lioness Rebirth- The Blog, opening a boutique was not apart of the plan. However, the more i blogged; the more doors opened and the more opportunities i am able to explore.

Now, i am here. I must say it is scary. Anyone, who has ever started a business knows what i am talking about. There is a lot of work and a lot of sleepless nights. But,  I am excited to see where this new venture will take me.

So, please stop by and like my and look around. I would love your feedback. Lioness Boutique also has a blog

All prices are quoted in Jamaican dollars (J$ 88 to US$1 ).


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