Still Working Out The Kinks.......

The redesign is coming along nicely. I think it is safe to say that by next week  every thing should be up and running.

On a different note, I must say I am absolutely loving Reggae month- February. In honour of Reggae month I would like to present the musical styling of Ken Boothe. I almost fell off my chair when I found this video. This video was recorded long before my time, but it's still rocking today. Enjoy.


  1. I love Reggae, babies do to :-) I'm a new follower

  2. Happy Saturday via the Planet Weidknecht weekend hop!

  3. Love this--thanks for sharing! I'm a new follower and would love a follow back at

  4. Great new redesign! :-) Thanks for sharing this post!

  5. Very cool! Thanks for sharing. Thanks so much for linking up at the Saying Hello Weekend Blog Hop. I hope to see you back next weekend!


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