Just When........

Just when you think this is it, i need a break. It is often right at this moment the sun begins to shine.  The sun is shining for me tonight.

All week, I have been so busy with paper at my full time j.o.b, that I could not even think about blogging. Tonight as i scour over the papers i took home for the weekend; i did not even want to consider my blog.

However, I could not stay away. It is a blessing that I logged in because I would not have read the comments that were left by my reader at that exact moment. I would not have seen the following responses to the Positive Wednesday question: What is your dream?

My dreams involve making a better life for my children, both through what I can do personally at home, and leaving a better planet for them to grow up on... 

 My dream is that they will find a cure for the diseases that plague our country. Carli Alice

As corny as it sounds these responses turned on the sunshine for me tonight. Have a great weekend!!!!!! Remember, reach out and touch someone positively this weekend.......


  1. New follower here from The Second Thought (http://thesecond-thought.blogspot.com). Followed you on GFC and G+ using my personal account (Jessica Peeling) and twitter with my blog account. :) Found you on the weekend hop. Awesome blog!

  2. Thank God is weekend. I'm looking forward to read your post.


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