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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

Water is Life!!!!!

Have you stopped to think what you would do if you turned on your pipe and there was no water in it  forever. Well for many people in Africa, South Asia, and Central America they don't have to think about it. this is their reality. 

We often forget that water is life and without it we cannot survive. This is why water.org  is so important. Water.org is a nonprofit organization that has transformed hundreds of communities in Africa, South Asia, and Central America by providing access to safe water and sanitation.

If you want to make a difference stop by water.org and buy a bottle of water for the needy.

Click on the link to see a video about water.org -  No Words- Just Water


  1. Hi there, this is a wonderful post, more people should really consider the little things in life, and how important water is! By the way i found your blog through Opal Stevens blog hop and am now a new follower!

  2. sweet! one of my daughter's friends did an art auction fundraiser for them!
    awesome organization!

  3. thanks for the reminder



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