Positive Wednesday- Starting Over!!!!

A New Year brings with it renewed hope. It Also brings a sense of new beginnings. This offers us the possibility of starting over, moving on from the past, and correcting mistakes that have been made. 

What do I hope to achieve this year? What will I do to make this a  successful year? How will I improve personal and professional life? These are the questions we often ask ourselves. Most times the answers to these questions are not easy. By asking these questions of ourselves we realize that there are a number of changes we will have to make in our lives. In essence, we will have to start over.  

Just remember that starting over does not mean smooth sailing. So if and when you start to take those first steps on your new path, just be aware that although failure is a possibility; it should not over shadow your journey. In addition,  if you do fall or lose your way, it is okay. Just remember to get up brush yourself off and learn from your mistakes. 

'Starting over isn't easy, but the character it builds, helps build you.'

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  1. I never intentionally make New Year's resolutions, but it somehow happens anyway. Like, my internal clock naturally wants some sort of change around this time of year. Like cleaning out the closet or making peace with someone in my spirit.

  2. Very true, nice post

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  4. This is very inspiring. I think that once we allow ourselves to come to terms with failure, starting over becomes easier. No one likes to fail, but like you said, it happens. Acceptance of those short comings and learning from them can really make for positive change.

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