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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

How to LOOK Great for the New Year without Breaking the Bank + Giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!

I was approached by GlassesUSA.com to write a review about their website. At first i thought about refusing the offer until it was pointed out to me that there are people, who genuinely need to know about a cheaper alternative to get excellent quality eyeglasses. It was then I remember my own glasses story.

My Glasses Story

I think of myself as a proud nerd. I don't know if it is because of my love of books or the fact that I wear glasses. I think it is both. Glasses have been apart of my life since high school. It was then that I was diagnosed with astigmatism. I got my first pair of glasses after that. Like must kids, I did not understand the importance of caring for or protecting my frames. So my glasses quickly fell apart. I mean literally. For a while, my mom could not afford to get me a new pair of eyeglasses. The truth is, they were so expensive. So I went without glasses for three (3) years. That was until, i got health insurance.

Why am I sharing all of this you might ask? After reflecting on my own story, i thought that there might be many people out there now; who are faced with similar challenges. After all, these days money is a precious commodity. The truth is we are all looking for more bang for our buck. With that said, I think GlassesUSA.com is a website that offers you just that.

GlassesUSA.com Website Review

Before accepting the offer to review the website; I decided to actually go to the site and see how it works for me. I wanted to actually see if there was any truth to their claims of offering cheap eyeglasses with high quality frames and lenses. So, off I went. Let me tell you I was very skeptical.
One of the first things that stroke me was that the website was very user friendly. I was able to find what I wanted with no hassle. Let me just break it down for you. My mother, who calls me for everything when she is using the computer, was able to go on the site and navigate it without a problem. That was amazing for me.

There was also a wide variety of frames and lens to choose from. There were also various popular brands available; along with quite a number of shapes and styles at the click of a mouse. I also like the selection of sunglasses on display. This impressed me because we don't often see such variety of eye glasses online. I absolutely loved that. After all, variety is the spice of life.

What I also loved was the virtual mirror. The virtual mirror allows you to upload, take or select a picture to use so you can virtually try on the various firms. I am not going to lie. I got a little carried away. Actually, it was a lot.

Just in case you’re wondering you are guaranteed 100% satisfaction. If for some reason, you're not satisfied with your glasses you may return them to the company for a refund or a new pair of glasses.

Last but certainly not least, they ship worldwide. If you are in the United States you can get FREE shipping. I am so jealous. I am.

If you are a skeptic like me, you must be saying all of this is a marketing ploy. That is why I strongly suggest that you check it out for yourself. Don't take my word for it. So what are you waiting for? You can get eyeglasses that are absolutely worth it.

Just to add a little Christmas cheer to you. GlassesUSA.com is offering my readers the following:

30% off any pair of glasses, plus FREE US shipping with the holiday code: Holiday11


10% off any order of prescription glasses with the code: Blog10

Conditions apply


  1. Thanks luvvie I have to check them out I'm always losing my glasses

  2. Hey! Just found your blog through the Monster Hop! Hope you have a happy holidays and drop on over to my blog and follow back :) Thanks!


  3. I have bought glasses for my kids on this type of site...way less expensive than in stores! I felt we got our moneys worth. I am a new follower.


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