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According to, a blog directory is a specific type of web directory which focuses on listing blogs. Blogs, short for web logs, are a type of website commonly updated frequently, usually by an individual or a small group of individuals, and often listed as posts with the newest posts first. Because there are literally millions of blogs in the world, a blog directory helps people sort through them by interests, and helps them find the type of blog they are looking for. A more advanced blog directory may include small reviews or human-edited descriptions, to further help users find what they’re looking for.

Unlike a blog search engine, a blog directory is not based on keywords and a simple search. Rather, it is based on the concept of browsing, and categorization. Blogs are placed in a blog directory based on what their main themes are, and may be placed in one or more categories in a directory tree. The user then makes their way through the directory tree, and in each category or sub-category they are able to see a listing of all of the blogs that were placed in that category. Most directories also include a search engine, but this is a secondary feature.

Here are a list of blog directories you might find helpful:


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