tRYING TO gET bACK oN THE wAGON!!!!!!!!!!!!

I guess the heavens knew that i need this day. I woke up this morning with no water in my pipes. Unlike previous years,  i guess we have grown comfortable with the reliability of the service so we are not prepared for this disruption.  So here i am at home, thanking my lucky stars that i am not currently waging a tactical plan to maintain the continuous use of the home desktop.

I guess after two months i am just now mourning the lost of my laptop. I am currently trying to get a Dell but i am secretly wishing that Santa can leave a Mac at my door. I will just have to keep dreaming. Seriously i would love any suggestion i can get about any good brand of laptop that i have not mentioned.

I have said it before that this academic year is very tedious at work. I am in charge of heading a committee to plan and execute all the school's major events for the entire school year. This also includes our annal coral service and prize giving for about 600 guests or more. Thank God i have a team to work with but it is pretty mind blowing nonetheless. Don't get me wrong i am loving the experience. It has given me the ability to honed a number of my skills. However, my blogging as been affected as a result. Thinking about it, it might also have something to do with not having a laptop anymore as well.

So far i have been consoling myself with the thought that my blogging break might help me to be critical of the way i have been approaching my blog and how i have been blogging. I guess one of the many good things that i have taken away from the classroom is how to evaluate one's performance. 

On a lighter note i must send crazy blog love to my following blogger friends who turned the sunshine on my day with their comments about my taking a blog break.

They are:


I will also like to thank Retroflirt and Loretta for always taking the time to stop by and leave a comment.


  1. I'm happy to see you back dear...I have also taken a bit of a break...but it is hard staying away so, here I am again! You really have so much work to do and I can see how blogging will have to come second. Don't worry, now that I know why, I will not wonder...but, just give us a "Hello" once in a while...we love hearing from you any way we can! Happy Holiday! Hugs

  2. Thank you, dear friend.... good to see you back! And thanks for the Thanksgiving wishes on FB!

    I hope Santa brings you a Mac for Christmas, but if not... I have had good luck with my Acers for the price, they are great for about two years. :)


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