When Sickness Comes.........

Today, i called my dad to wish him a happy belated birthday and father's day; i was greeted with the news that my step-mom was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease.I felt like a weight was on my shoulders. I just wanted to cry. I have always known the disease as 'the disease that Michael J Fox has'. I never thought that my family would be affected by it.

I spoke to her and i was quite upbeat because i felt like that is what i had to project. I did not want to show pity because honestly that is not what i felt. I did not know whether i should talk about it or disregard it. All i knew was that i could not cry, i had to be strong. 

Now, i sit in bed and type and i think about what's next. To be honest i don't want to think about next week, next month, next year or the year after that. I just don't. I can just imagine how scared and unsure she must feel. How afraid of the future she must be. In this moment, i hate the disease for robbing us of today and eventually tomorrow.


  1. I'm sorry to hear about this. I hate the feeling of impotence that events like this make us feel. I send a hug for you and I offer my two cents on this: Show her how many people care about her and let her know that no matter what these people will be there for her in these hard times.
    I know I'm not qualified to give advice and I would really like to be able to help you more.

  2. I am sorry to hear that. I am a nursing student and a certified nursing assistant and I have seen the effects of this disease and can tell you this: love and family makes a world of difference. Just be as strong, supportive and as positive as your mental and emotional state will allow you to be. While I have not lost anyone to the disease I have lost my grandmother to Alzheimier's and know what it feels like to feel that someone you love is being robbed by something that cannot be stopped.

    My Condolences


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