I need to go to REHAB!!!!!

Yesterday, i posted a blog entry about being healthy and eating right. This post was for me a reminder of what i needed to do in order to be fit and happy. Now it's confession time. I am currently addicted to sweets, snacks, down right lazy eating habits.This includes eating crap and not exercising. As i type, i am dreaming about a large slice of Black Forest Cake, Cheers Chocolate Sweets and Bread Pudding. Basically, you name it and i am thinking about it. My recent journey to the Sweet Tings Bakery which is located in Downtown Kingston did not help.


Guys, my addiction is bad. Like i have said in yesterday's post. I have always been able to eat what i want. Dieting, portion control or balanced meal was never part of my vocabulary growing up. Neither, was watching ones weight. It was unheard of. Being a skinny kid in a country that is fascinated with curves and voluptuous bodies was also not a set norm.  Even now, i find that my eating patterns are horrible. I wake- up and go to work and have my first meal at 10- 11. This meal is usually lunch. Then, i snack after that. Follow, this i finish my lunch at about 3-4 pm. At home i snack. 9 out of 10 times i skip dinner. 

 The truth in all of this is. I know i need to shake up my diet, my life style choices, etc. However, i honestly think that i don't want to. It is soo easy to eat crap. That is the truth. I keep telling myself, tomorrow you will go to the gym. Tomorrow, you will  make a lifestyle change and eat right. Well, lets just say i am still waiting on tomorrow.


  1. I am so addicted to sweets too! I am your newest follower from Goal: 400 Followers" on Mom Bloggers Club

  2. I bad with sweets too. But you can make small changes everyday, like start eating a breakfast bar on your way to work. Or having a small dinner in the evening instead of snacking all evening. Or maybe even snack sweet fruits instead of pastries and candy. Those small changes can lead to a healthier life style. But trust me, I know even that can be a challenge.

  3. I love sweets too! I guess it's a woman thing, part of our make-up, a requirement for the job!LOL I have a tendency to bake cookies, muffins, cakes, etc. It doesn't help that people are always asking me to bake, which gives me an excuse! LOL The good news is, if I make it I am less likely to eat it (sometimes).

    Changing eating patterns is certainly easier said than done. We'll get there...eventually :-)

  4. Awww, I'm addicted to baking cakes - it's seriously not good. My son begs me to make cakes and I of course, can't say no, LOL. I joined via GFC, please follow me back at www.fourlittlemonsters.com!

  5. Sweet Tings bakery. . .note to self - I definitely gotta visit that when/if I make it back to Jamaica.

    I know what you mean about changing up your diet! I'm struggling with that too :\I'm not too keen on sweets but I am a fan of coffee (bad) and other fast-food crap. Keep posting about your progress tho! I'll cheer you on! :)


  6. I love bakeries and the food they have!
    Thanks, http://mimilovesall8.blogspot.com


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