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I was watching my videos on You tube and i just had the overwhelming urge to blog. Well today, June 21, is officially the first day of summer and i am super excited. I absolutely love summer. Why? There are numerous reasons. However, at this moment in time, it's because i am on holidays. Plus July is my B-month and i and totally into birthdays.

So I was trying to remember what i did last summer and i could not remember. I am totally blank. Do you remember what you did last summer? So, i decided that i am going to keep a blog journal so plzzz bear with me. (smile) I just want this to be a youthful summer. I don't know if it is because this b-day will be my last celebrated 20 something year, why i am so motivated to make this summer great. After this i feel like i would have firmly placed both feet into adulthood. I hope this all makes sense.

I have a few things that i want to get done. I might just post a list at another time or i might not.  One thing I, must do is see my step-mom when she comes to Jamaica next month.

While,  thinking about all of this i am ever reminded that i do not want to put it all out there. So there will not be blow by blow commentary of my summer activities, just lovely highlights.


  1. I am acutally trying to do the same thing with my blog, except I am trying to do it for the next 365 with today being day 1. I look forward to reading about your summer adventures.


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