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Why I Dont Make Resolutions

I don't make resolutions because I don't keep them. That is it!

Thinking back, I have never keep a New Year's Resolution; however, throughout my 20's I have always made them.

Instead of making resolutions, sit and plan for your year.

Map out your major goals and your sub- goals.

Chart how you are going to accomplish these goals.

Actually, get up and work on accomplishing your goals.

Vision board your goals, dreams and aspirations.

Never give up even if you feel like you cannot make it.

The Versatile Blogger

 I am all smiles has i type this blog. I realized today, April 9, 2011,  that i was awarded The Versatile Blogger award by Krystal.

I felt so honoured because i am amazed that my ramblings are able to touch so many persons from so many countries (Estonia, Brazil, Africa, USA, Canada, England, Bahrain, etc).

It might not be a big thing for many but i am blessed to not be jaded by it all. It is just mind blowing to see the impact blogging has. Just to think that i started blogging because i found it therapeutic. The poster on my wall is true for me 'blogging is cheaper than therapist'.

Here are some rules that come along with this award (No, i did not create the rules. But i think they are pretty cool.). So the rules are:
  1. Thank the person who gave you the award and link back to them in your post. 
  2. Tell us seven things about yourself 
  3. Award fifteen recently discovered new bloggers 
  4. Contact these bloggers and let them know they’ve received their award  

Who i am in 7 points:

1. I started blogging about three (3) months as therapy. I did not except to meet so many awesome people. I just did it because i needed a place to vent and a virtual hang out spot.
2. I am a single mom (for now), who works full time in the education system.

3. I am a Leo which means i am loyal, humble, honest and fiercely protective of my family and friends.

4. I have learnt to accept me with my flaws and all. What i am staying is that i am comfortable in my skin.

5. I often wear little or no makeup (This is due to socialization). I have not tattoos and no excessive piercings.

6. I would love to tour the world and dive into various cultures.

7. I would spend my last dime buying books. I love to read for pleasure but i find myself reading more for work than pleasure.

This part i took very seriously. The word versatile means the ability to transition with ease from one thing to another;the ability to readily applied to a new task, or to various subjects; many-sided. These fellow bloggers captures the essence of the before mentioned definition.

The versatile blogger award goes to:
  1. Tidbitz Earthly Delights
  2.  Little Girl Big Closet
  3. The Queen of my House
  4. Home School Mom
  5. Been There, Done That
  6. Nancy Santana Blog
  7. Frugal Fun Challenge
  8. I am Curly Locks
  9. Make It A Tag
  10. Nail Polish
  11. Reasons to Skip the Housework
  12. Reflect and Realize
  13. Ziggys Blogs
  14. Baby Talk without the Babble
  15. Compiling My Closet 


  1. WOW! Thank you very much! :-)

  2. THANK you, GIRL! What an honor!!!!!!!!!!! You are so so so sweet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wow, I really appreciate it! :-)

  3. Congrats to all of you for this awesome award :)
    A xx

  4. I LOVE your blog :) Congrats on the award.

  5. Hi! I’m your newest follower. Please stop by and follow back when you have a chance. If you’re ever interested in a blog makeover please let me know. Take a look at my portfolio and packages when you get a chance. Hope you are having a Sweet Week.

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  6. Hi! I’m your newest follower visiting you from Tag Back Tuesday. If you get a chance please check out my blog at http://throwingpaintblog.blogspot.com/
    Have great day!

  7. Thanks for stopping by!! I am so glad you did. Your blog looks amazing I can't wait to read through it all


  8. Thanks for stopping by my blog and congratulations on your award! I love your hair by the way.

  9. Miss Lionness,

    Thank you many times over for your sweet "versatile" award! I appreciate your thought and look forward to reading more, more, more from you.

    In the meantime, enjoy your many books, kiss your sweet pumpkin, and plan those exotic trips. You deserve the whole world!

    Baby Talk without the Babble


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