Friday, April 22, 2011

I wanna LOVE you!!!!!

Have you ever wondered how greatness is born? Or have you thought about what cell, molecule or thought creates sheer brilliance? Well I have!!!

So tonight or this it is morning (3: 13am, April 22) I have been wondering what separates us mere morals from the Titans of the various genres of the Arts. Don't get me wrong, i am by no means indicating that we are any less than these trail blazers. I just wanted to highlight my admiration for great talent. 

I would love if you could share one of your favourite trail blazers from any genre of Arts. Here is one of my favourite trail blazer from music.


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  2. Interesting thought. I think that what makes them different is that they had the courage to go for it where as many of us never begin something because we are scared of failure.
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