Work Place Drama

I have been wanting to rush home and vent via blog. Strange, i know, for me to prefer venting electronically rather than face to face. Blame it on technology!!!LMAO
On a serious note though, i realized this week that interpersonal relationships at work are very hard, tedious, challenging (there are so many adjectives i could use) to maintain.Just thinking about it now is totally hurting my brain. My question is, how do be we toe the line between friendship and professionalism?

Can one be friends with co-workers? If so, how far should that friendship go? These are just a few of the questions that i am wrestling with as i traverse this complex web. I do love my Boo's advise 'you were not employed to make friend; just to work'. Apart of my brain is saying Boo you are soo right and another part is saying boo you are a guy you sooo don't get it!!! However, it seems like i am the one who is obviously not getting it. Do you get it?




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