Music i am LOVING!!!!!

I think i am sooo blessed to be a Jamaican.I know my little island paradise has nuff (Jamaican creole) stress and the list goes on. However, i love the essence of who we are as Jamaicans and a very important part of our essence is our culture. Just thinking about our music, food, tenacity, language and the list goes on; it all brings a smile to my face.

Today i want to focus on our music. Its a new year and i must say i have been dieing for the new singles and albums to drop. Well they are dropping!!!!! So today i will be sharing a few of my favs.  

The first time i heard this young woman, i thought she was singing about my situation with her song 'wrong address'. Throughout the years she has not disappoint me but instead she has blown me away with her versatility. I can honestly say i am able to find a song from her catalog to fit my changing moods and situations which i think is fabulous.  Then again when it comes to Etana- The Strong One, i am sooo bias because in my opinion she is damn good.

The many shades of Etana- 2011

When i grow up, i want to like this woman here. She, i think, is my alter ego. She says all the things we all want to say but are too socially correct to voice. So, you know i am talking about Tanya Stephens my favourite Jamaican lyricist. 

Finally, i have to go back to my roots with this one. 

These albums are located here:
Rebelution (W/Dvd)ParablesGangsta BluesTanya: Collection of Hits (W/Dvd) (Bril)Ruff RiderFree ExpressionsFreeChallenges Contagious


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