Saturday, February 19, 2011

I am a Vampire

I am a night person through and through. So, tonight i came home and fell asleep pretty early. The worst part about it is my boo was hanging with me. So after two hours of sleep; i jumped out of  my bed because i remember my boo. Anyway now i am up and i can't sleep. It is after 4 in the morning and i have been up since 9:30 pm. So i decided to write a blog entry and attached this article from (fabulous website) that highlights the benefits of getting a good night sleep. This is a reminder for me. (*__*)

Are you getting the best night's sleep possible?
Many people have difficulty getting a good night's rest. Sleep plays a crucial role in your health and well-being. Often we lose sleep because our minds are preoccupied with going over the day's events or planning for future ones. If you have problems sleeping, try creating a journal. Write out your worries and fears about what is happening in your life. Are you considering a career change? Are your in-laws coming for a visit? Do you have a strained relationship with someone? Allow your thoughts to flow out honestly to better prepare for a good night's rest. 

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