Sunday, April 3, 2011

DIY Sundays

I am late with posting this week's DIY Sundays because i was not sure what i wanted to blog about. I also did not want to blog about something just because i had to write a post. Call me an idealist but i would like to think that every blog post i write has meaning and worth. Anyways, let me not ramble on.

Today's DIY Sundays is a little different. It is not about beauty or makeup but about organization. I would like to think that i am an organized diva, however that is not quite reality. In reality i am a procrastinator whose every day life is made up of structured chaos. 

Here are five tips that help me function. I hope you will find them helpful.

Subtract Steps. 
  • Carry all of your cleaning supplies in a bucket rather than walking back and forth to the cleaning supply area. 
  • Fold clothes as you take them out of the dryer.
  • Unload groceries directly into the pantry or fridge rather than putting them on the counter first.

Make Standard Lists:
  • Make standard lists for anything that you rewrite often. This would include grocery lists, instructions for the babysitter, instructions for the house or pet sitter, etc.
  • That way you don't have to completely recreate them each time.

Put It Away, Now:
  • Whenever you're finished using something, put it away. This will save you time and energy at the end of the day when you tidy the house since things should already be in their proper place.
  • This will also save you time when you need to find something. You won't be late because you were frantically searching the house or your office for a missing item.

Get Things Ready the Night Before:
  • Mornings can be hectic and seem unproductive. Prepare lunches, pack schoolbags and briefcases, plan breakfast, and make your To Do list before going to bed. 
  • Your morning will be less stressful and everyone should be able to be a little bit more self-sufficient and organized.

Create a 'Free Time Bag':
  • Instead of wasting your free time by running around the house looking for something to do, grab your 'free time bag.' 
  • A book you're reading, your crocheting project, magazines, crossword puzzles, and stationery and pens can all be held in a tote bag. 
  • Keep the bag in an easily accessible place and you'll always be ready when you have a little free time.
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